Intelligent Methods to Give Cash for Christmas

It’s Christmas time, the time to give presents! Nothing makes me happier than giving something special to a loved one, but I have to admit that I don’t like Christmas shopping. Whether in person at the mall or online, I always look for meaningful gifts at the last minute.

Giving is fun when you’ve found the perfect gift for someone, but it’s definitely stressful trying to get names off your shopping list.

This Christmas you will be in good company if you decide to skip the mall in search of store-bought gifts. Consider the following clever ways to give money instead.

DIY money and card holder for Christmas gifts

When giving away cash as a Christmas present, you have tons of unique and creative ways to wrap it. Here are some of my favorite Christmas gift card holder ideas.

DIY glitter gift card holder

Add some glitter to your Christmas presents with these DIY gift cards and money holders. Instead of putting some cash into a generic store-bought Christmas card, these DIY card holders add a more personal touch.

Origami envelopes

Whether you are already an origami lover or are completely new to the idea, here you will find folding instructions for origami envelopes for all skill levels. Origami envelopes are an interesting and visually impressive way to give money.

Slimline money holder

A slimline money holder is a long and narrow money holder that fits into a standard business envelope. It’s called a slimline holder because the design is longer and narrower than a regular card or money holder you would find in a store. It’s a nice change from a regular money holder and is the perfect size for carrying cash. How to make a slim DIY money holder.

DIY gift money holder

For hobbyists or scrapbookers who have a lot of designer paper on hand, these DIY gift money holders are perfect for you. These festive money holders are easy to make and can even be hung on the Christmas tree like a trinket until you’re ready to give them away.

Fun ways to give kids cash or gift cards for Christmas

There are many ways to give cash to children for Christmas.

  • Bonus: If your kids are getting cash for Christmas, this is a great opportunity to introduce financial literacy concepts like saving, spending, and gifting.

Cash colored pencils

For children who like to draw and paint, give them “money crayons”. Buy a box of colored pencils and wrap each colored pencil with a dollar bill. You can also add a coloring book for young children or an adult coloring book for teenagers.

Modeling clay

Empty a Play Doh container and fill it with dollar bills. This fun word game is likely to get lost in young kids, but a tween might get the joke!

Money tree

A Christmas bonus tree is another fun and unique way to give a cash gift this Christmas. You can decide how tall you want your tree to be based on how much money you want to give and how many bills you want to give.

Snowman treat jars

In the past, I’ve used these snowman treat jars as a fun way to give away baked goods and sweets. Or, you could fill a festive snowman mason jar with cash.

Box of chocolates

Remove (or eat) all of the chocolates in a box and fill the packages with folded money. Your child may not be excited when they unpack a box of chocolates, but they will likely be excited when they open the box and find cash.

Is it sticky to give away money instead of gifts for Christmas?

There are mixed feelings when it comes to giving money instead of the traditional way Gifts, especially At Christmas time. Some think that a gift of money is too impersonal. Others think it’s absolutely sticky.

But let’s be honest – who doesn’t love getting money?

Money gives you the freedom to buy exactly what you want. Or the recipient can use the money more practically – for example to pay for groceries or bills. Aside from these benefits, there are a few other benefits of donating money during the Christmas season …

Benefits of donating money this Christmas

  1. Practically. You don’t have to spend time or energy thinking about what each person on your Christmas list really wants. Just stop briefly at the bank and you’re ready to go. I’ve found a cash gift to be especially handy when it comes to this Last minute gifts.
  2. Practically. As already mentioned, when giving away money, you give the recipient the freedom to do what they want with the money. Instead of guessing what someone wants and then letting them return, give them money to spend on anything they want.
  3. Inexpensive and easy to send. When you need to send Christmas gifts to family and friends far away, sending a card with money in it is much cheaper than sending a heavy or bulky package.
  4. Eliminates waste. How many last minute gifts end up in the back of the closet, or worse, in the trash? Instead of adding to the mountains of rubbish, a gift of money may be a better choice.
  5. Easier to budget. When you give away money, you have a choice of exactly how much you want to spend. This can make it easier to stick with yours Christmas budget.

What do you think of giving away money for Christmas?

In case you can’t tell, I think giving money can be a really thoughtful gift. When you give someone money, you are really giving them an opportunity to choose exactly how to spend it. And for you that means: no driving in bad weather, no long queues, no stress when shopping and no budget exceeding! It’s a win-win Christmas present in my book.

– From Jessica Martel

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