Purchase and Join a Customized Area for Your Touchdown Web page

A custom domain makes your landing pages look professional. Buy one now from your AWeber account.

Setting up a landing page is one of the fastest ways to create a web presence. All you have to do is choose a pre-made template and then add your logo, business details and contact information. Click publish and your page is live!

But your page’s url looks like this:


It’s not the most shareable or professional link to use for your business.

But there’s good news: you can now buy a custom domain – like examplebusiness.com – right from your AWeber dashboard! The domain is then immediately available for use on one or all of your landing pages.

Do you already have a domain from IONOS, GoDaddy or Google Domains? Connect it in seconds and set up your landing page on your domain or a subdomain. (If your domain is with a different provider, you can still set this up, it just takes a little longer.)

But first what is a domain?

A domain, sometimes called a domain name, is the text you enter into a browser to access a website. Example: google.com, yahoo.com, mcdonalds.com. Although the actual address of these websites is technical, you can use the easy-to-remember domain to access the websites.

You can also easily set up a custom domain for your website or landing page! They are usually quite cheap and can be bought through a “domain registrar” such as IONOS, GoDaddy or Google Domains.

Now you can use Google Domains to shop directly in your AWeber account and link it to your landing page in about 30 seconds.

Why should I buy a domain for my business?

A lot in marketing revolves around branding. Your company’s name has the reputation you have earned for it – professional, friendly, reliable, or more subtle details tailored specifically to you.

Just like your name is on your doorstep (if you have one), on your business cards, and in your email signature, you should also have an easy-to-remember domain that represents your brand.

Buying domains and connecting them to your website has just gotten easier. The fact that you can now buy one directly from AWeber proves it! There’s no downside to getting a facility.

How to buy a domain through AWeber

1. Log into your account and click on your name in the lower left corner, then on “My Account” and “Domains and Addresses”.

2. You will see an option to add your domain or buy one from Google Domains:

Don't have a domain? Get one now from Google Domains.

3. Click on “Get one now from Google Domains” and you will be redirected to a page where you can select a domain.

Note: I recommend something simple that includes your company name and nothing else. For example, if I had a coffee shop called Coffee Under the Trees, I would search for coffeeunderthetrees.com. Google Domains also gives you some domain insights.

Buy a domain from AWeber and get Google Domains Search and Insights.

4. When you’ve found a domain you like, click Buy. As you can see, most domains cost around $ 12 a year. Go through the buying process and you will be redirected back to your AWeber dashboard with the domain already connected!

Now we need to append your connected domain to your landing page.

5. Navigate to the landing page you want to connect this domain to. Click Settings for the page, then click Landing Page URL. You will see an option for Custom Domain, with the domain you connected being available. Select it, publish the page, and your landing page is ready to become a website.

Connect your domain to your landing page.

How to connect my existing domain in 30 seconds

If you originally bought your domain with IONS, Go Daddy, or Google domains Registrars can easily connect your domain in AWeber by using our Domain Connect function.

Instead of clicking on a new domain, add yours in the box under Add New Domain:

Add a current domain to your AWeber account by entering it in the field.

You will see a page confirming that you want to connect your domain:

Automatically connect your GoDaddy domains to AWeber.

Click on Connect automatically to GoDaddy (or IONOS or Google Domains) to connect your domain. Sign in to your registrar account and click Connect again.

To connect your domain examplebusiness.com to AWeber email authentication and landing pages from AWeber, some DNS changes are required.

You will briefly see a success page and then be directed back to your AWeber account. It takes a couple of hours for the domain to be processed (which it does on any platform) and then your domain is ready to use!

What if I have a domain that is not from IONOS, GoDaddy or Google Domains?

We plan to add more domain registrars in the future. For now, you can connect your domain the “good old-fashioned way”.

This article shows you how to configure your custom landing page domain. And hey, while you are adding DNS records, you are also setting up DKIM and SPF records for your domain.

Buy a domain today

Whether you’re starting a web presence or want to create a new site for your sideline or project, it’s easy to do. Set up your domain in AWeber today or start with a free account.

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