At the moment’s Google Doodle Is About Covid-19 Vaccination And Face Masks


A click on the Google Doodle leads to a search for “Covid vaccine near me” which will help you to find one in the area … [+] Covid-19 vaccination centers. (Photo by Noam Galai / Getty Images)

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The next time you go to the Google search page and type in something like “Will the Covid-19 vaccine stick my keys to my forehead” you may find a Google Doodle that has the words “Get Vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save lives.”

That’s because today’s Google Doodle shows these words when you scroll over the graphic on the main Google page. The graphic is actually an animated version of the letters that spell out the name “Google”. Each of the first four letters, which together make up “Goog”, wears a face mask and what looks like a bandage on their arm after the vaccination. As the animation progresses, each letter makes a solemn gesture. Then the letter “e”, dressed like a medical professional with a face mask, fetches a vaccine from a table and gives the vaccine to the letter “l”, who also wears a mask. Then the “l” celebrates, followed by a group cheer together with a heart emoji.

Here’s a tweet from Google Doodles showing the animation:

According to 9to5Google, this doodle is similar in design to previous doodles that were introduced in August 2020 and April 2021. Clicking on the doodle leads to a search for “Covid vaccine near me”, which will help you to find Covid 19 vaccination sites nearby.

With 49.8% of the total US population, 58.3% of those 12 years and older, and 60.7% of adults 18 years and over being fully vaccinated, those six letters in today’s Google Doodle are probably not exactly representative of the US Population. The US population is much more diverse than just six letters or groups. Even a longer word like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” would not have enough letters to capture the true diversity of the United States

Unfortunately, if you really wanted to represent what is happening in the US right now, you would have to have at least one letter with misinformation and disinformation about the Covid-19 coronavirus, vaccination, and wearing face masks. The letter could scream “Covid is a joke” or “ignore all these statistics and stories of death and suffering”. This letter could ask another letter to “not get a vaccine or wear a face mask. Instead, buy the supplements or other treatments I want to sell. ”Hell, who knows what’s really going on? This letter, which railed against the vaccination, could even be completely vaccinated itself, but does not want to admit it for political or monetary reasons. The letter can instead say, “You can’t ask me if I was vaccinated for HIPA or HIPPO or HIP HIP HOORAY or something like that,” although HIPAA has nothing to do with people asking you if you are fully vaccinated like me previously described for Forbes.

Perhaps this letter insists that “the vaccine will make you a giant magnet or a 5G receptor” or “stop you from making small letters” or “turn you into a panting number” with no real, verifiable indication to make scientific evidence for his claims. That letter might insist that face masks contain 5G receptors, cause a build-up of carbon dioxide inside you, or be used to control you, although after all they are just face masks that you bought.

As a result, some of the other letters may be a little confused and not know what to believe. With so much misinformation and disinformation floating around from political leaders, television personalities, and anonymous social media accounts, they may fail to realize that vaccinating and wearing a face mask would protect not only them but the whole word as well.

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