Asserting The Final Information to Omnichannel


Today’s customers regularly switch between channels and devices when interacting with a brand. They can click an email on their phone, switch to their laptop to do more research, and shop at the store – and expect it to go smoothly. The catch is that most organizations struggle to consolidate data from these various interactions, which can result in a fragmented (and often non-personalized) customer experience.

While the customer experience is a major differentiator for brands today, a bad experience can undermine customer loyalty. for 45% of consumers today, all it takes is an impersonal experience to discredit a brand. For this reason, companies are currently facing a difficult dilemma: How can they provide personalization in real time and at the same time add additional channels to the customer journey?

The solution? An omnichannel strategy.

We teamed up with Twilio and Segment to launch it The ultimate guide to omnichannel. This guide examines how customer data can be collected and used across all channels to deliver thoughtful, personalized experiences in real time.

The instructions include:

  • The main differences between multichannel and omnichannel
  • A step-by-step guide to implementing a scalable omnichannel strategy
  • Examples of how you can use omnichannel experiences to delight customers
  • And more!

Get your copy of the guide now and start building more seamless customer experiences.

Dip your toes in omnichannel

Many companies don’t know how to start with an omnichannel communication strategy and shy away from it. Fortunately, it’s not as complicated at first as it seems – especially if you have the right technology in place.

Instead of going from 0 to 100 with omnichannel, we recommend starting small and scaling to meet your business needs and use cases. For growing businesses, we recommend starting with a channel, e.g. B. E-mail. Aside from being one of the most reliable ways to reach your customers, email is a great way to identify key customer behavior, segment your audience to provide more targeted content and send it promptly personalized offers.

Once you collect a wealth of customer information and your Email strategy, you can consider adding more channels to improve your customer experience. Fortunately, Twilio makes it easy to add incrementally SMS, Video, Chat, and voice to create the ultimate integrated omnichannel experience.

Would you like to learn how? Download The ultimate guide to omnichannel and learn how to move from multichannel mediocrity to omnichannel success with the right technology.

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