AMP hyperlinks in Google Search break with iOS 15

With the release of iOS 15 on September 20th, AMP URLs just stopped working in Google Search. Google is aware of the problem and said it should be fixed soon. This only affects Google Searchers using Google Search on iOS devices that have been updated to iOS 15.

What happens. If you’re using iOS 15 and you click on a website listing in Google search results, you will not be directed to an AMP URL even if the AMP URL for that listing exists. Instead, you will likely be directed to the main page URL for that page, or to a link to their mobile app – if the app is preinstalled on your device.

Jeff Johnson, an iOS developer, dug himself in and said, using the iOS 15 Safari, “User-Agent, there are no AMP links in Google search results, but if I just change version / 15.0 to version / 14.0 and the rest keep the same, Google search results suddenly have AMP links again! ”“ This can be reproduced on my iPhone, in the Xcode iPhone simulator and also on the desktop Safari Mac with its user agent falsified as an iPhone, ”he added.

I’ve added an example on my personal blog of what this looks like if you want to see it in action.

Confirmed error. Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed the bug on Twitter, saying, “There is a specific bug for iOS 15 that we are working on. We assume that it will be resolved soon. “

Why we care. You may have noticed something unusual in your analysis data for your AMP URLs from Google search in the past few weeks. Your traffic shouldn’t be impacted as traffic is still going to your main URL, but traffic to your AMP URLs may decrease with iOS 15 due to this bug. It is not fixed yet but should be fixed soon.

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