Eight Superb Advertising and marketing Concepts to Drive Gross sales this Vacation Season

The time has come: vacation marketing planning season.

For many businesses, the Christmas season is the best time of year to sell. Whether you are selling perfect crafts or a business class, December is a time when people open their wallets and make purchases.

It is important to run promotions to encourage your customers to spend money on your business. And around the holidays, your marketing is really fun!

Don’t just send another email asking them to buy your products. Instead, try one of our eight ideas for eye-catching and appealing holiday marketing.

1. Have a theme party

A company party at which everyone waves at the computer screen.

Chances are, your audience, customers, and prospects likely have a lot in common. They may want to meet – in person or on a live call.

So throw them a party. It could be coffee or champagne in your store, an ugly sweater zoom call, or a donation exchange.

No matter what, a live event whets the appetite for the season and lets it network (which is particularly important in 2021).

There is literally no better way to build a community than a get-together. For additional sales increases, offer a discount alongside the event and encourage customers to talk about your products.

2. Create a bingo card

A bingo card that says

Cross-selling and upselling your customers is essential to getting the most sales around the holidays. A bingo card can be just the thing to encourage customers to make that extra purchase.

How to start:

1 – Create a 9-field bingo card (like a tic-tac-toe game).

2 – Add small, affordable upsell products or additional services to any bingo square. You can free the center square if you want or add a particularly popular product!

3 – Then offer a freebee or discount when someone does a “bingo”. (You can draw a straight or diagonal line through the squares of the products / services you purchased.)

You can easily create an eye-catching bingo card with Canva and add it to your emails to give your customers a nice, fun and engaging experience.

3. Offer gift card specials

One of the best Christmas marketing tactics to get more sales is by offering gift cards. Almost everyone is looking for gifts for their family, friends, and even coworkers or clients – your company might have the perfect gift for them.

Remember, gift cards aren’t just for brick and mortar stores selling t-shirts, toys, or groceries. Anyone can make a “giftable” product.

For example, if you have a course for $ 500, you’re only selling the first or most popular video for $ 25. It could be the perfect gift and a chance to attract a new customer.

Or, as a consultant, offer detailed advice or an initial consultation as a stand-alone product. Your current customers can buy it for a friend or someone on their network. Again, you could end up with a new customer.

4. Cross-promotion of holiday specials

Cross-promotions are an extremely popular marketing tactic at any time of the year. Even large corporations use partnerships to generate more sales.

How to get started: Find a company that sells to the same audience as you, but a different product. Offer your customers a special discount and let them give your customers a discount.

Then – and here’s the best part – send a cross-promotion email to your two subscriber lists. This gives you the opportunity to market to a whole new group!

Check out this example of a cross-promo in Christmas marketing between Starbucks and Uber Eats. I suspect they sold a lot of coffee and supplies through those emails.

A crossover email from Starbucks and Uber Eats stating: Source: Really good emails

Cross-promotions can be as simple as giving a discount to anyone using a particular code. Or you can combine it with the bingo holiday marketing idea (add products from both companies to the bingo card).

Bring it all together with a party for everyone! There’s no downside to bringing everyone together for the holidays. And if you can relate it to your business, so much the better.

5. Celebrate the 8 days of Hanukkah

Not everyone knows the traditions and celebrations surrounding Hanukkah. When you do this, take the opportunity to educate your audience. Use the 8 days to encourage charity and learn more about the Jewish faith.

For example, headphone company AfterShokz sent this email wishing a Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating and suggesting 8 ways to shed light this season.

An email from AfterShokz showing a menorah and 8 ways to shed light this season.Source: Really good emails

Not every vacation marketing email should be meant for sale. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your customers as people with families and traditions.

Important note: Always remember to be culturally sensitive in all of your vacation marketing. If you don’t know how to say something correctly, don’t say it at all.

6. Do yourself daily with an advent calendar

When I was a kid, our advent calendar just showed a picture every day (simpler times). But these days, advent calendars reveal gifts, food & wine, or even promotions every day.

To set up an advent calendar for your holiday marketing, you simply have to offer something new every day from December 1st to December 24th. Each day can contain a different discount percentage, a small giveaway, or promotions for specific products / services.

Be creative: you can also work with other companies to offer discounts on their products.

Secret is the key to the success of the advent calendar. Hopefully your customers and prospects will come back to your website every day to see what the new special is. (That’s good for your SEO too.)

7. Donation to charity

An email that offers a Black Friday sale and also says that donations to the rainforest will be doubled during the discount period.Source: Really good emails

Donating to charity (on #GivingTuesday or at any other time) is a fantastic way to show your altruism and put your brand in perspective over the holiday season. Donations are not just a feel-good marketing tactic, they can also inspire customers to spend more on your company than on others.

There are a few ways you can get creative and generate more revenue with donations:

  1. Offer to donate a percentage of all sales on a given day or week
  2. Combine donations to a charity that is important to you (or that is related to your industry) on a specific day
  3. Offer X $ to the charity you care about for every sale made on a specific day or week
  4. With every sale on a specific day, donate your product or service to those in need

Donate, make yourself comfortable, and tell everyone in your next vacation marketing email!

8. Run a vacation referral contest

Referrals can often be the absolute best way to attract new customers. Use your biggest fans to show you off – and reward them.

If you already have a referral program – e.g. B. $ 20 if you refer someone to make a purchase – you can double it to $ 40 for the holidays. Also offer a 10% discount (or more if you can) the new customer’s first purchase.

Better still, turn vacation recommendations into a competition. Whoever sends you the most customers, social followers or even new leads can win one of your more valuable products or services.

Have fun with this competition. You can create badges or countdown graphics in Canva and send them in your emails promoting the competition.

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