75 Vacation E-mail Topic Strains to Mild up Inboxes This Christmas

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Campaign Monitor – November 17, 2021

Check out some of the best holiday email subject lines to get yourself inspired this holiday season.

It’s turning into a crazy Christmas season for, well, almost everyone. But mostly for email marketers. Thanks to supply chain problems, consumers are eager to start buying. It just means the vacation rush starts earlier and lasts longer, with an added burden on the marketing teams.

What does that mean for you? It means now is the time to start creating holiday email marketing messages. In fact, email open rates start to skyrocket before Halloween is over.

We updated this post for 2021 and even added some bonus holiday email marketing campaigns put together just for you.

For inspiration, here are 75 sample holiday subject lines from B2C, B2B, and nonprofits that are perfect for your holiday email campaigns.

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B2C email subject lines

  1. Tear curls: 5 Reasons You Need a SearchGPS this Christmas
  2. Rapha: Black Friday – coming soon
  3. Italic: Last chance for free shipping
  4. Freshbooks: Deliver some joy this Christmas season
  5. Food & Wine: 27 Recipes for a Christmas Cocktail Party
  6. Joss & Main: Jingle Belles: Gifts for Her, Best Selling Linens, and more on sale today
  7. Point & bo: Ring in the new year – Plus: 12 days of Christmas gifts start now
  8. Kate Spade: Last day! 30% discount on everything with our Cyber ​​Monday Sale
  9. Necessary for an emergency: Black Friday Sale! Check back tomorrow to see the offers!
  10. Steve Madden: Cyber ​​Tuesday – 50% discount on sale!
  11. Sports Authority: Hurry up, just a few hours left for Cyber ​​Monday savings!
  12. DrinkMo!: $ 20 voucher! Save Big on Cyber ​​Monday.
  13. Seafolly: All she wants for Christmas is SEAFOLLY
  14. Birch box: Free boxes. Oh yeah.
  15. Skechers: Save all weekend on BLACK FRIDAY on Skechers.com!
  16. Steve Madden: If you open an email this Black Friday …
  17. Finish line: Black Friday Doorbusters END TODAY. Grab it before it hits.
  18. San Diego chargers: Share the joy, bring a toy to the charger game
  19. J. Crew: It’s okay to have seconds (or thirds) of that sale
  20. Commissions from Food52: Giving made easy: Free shipping + discount vouchers + our best tips
  21. Finish line: Black Friday Doorbusters are starting now. Put down the drumstick.
  22. Vacationers: Devour these offers!
  23. Orbitz: Good sauce! 20% sale
  24. Food & Wine: 15 Thanksgiving drinks to start cooking
  25. Nordstrom: Black Friday is there early
  26. Patagonia: You donate, we fit together
  27. elevator: Join #GivingTuesday with Lyft
  28. Instacart: Forecast for this week? Stress-free Christmas shopping!
  29. southwest: Snow tariff like a low tariff!
  30. The Bears: There is still time …
  31. One Kings Lane: Post-Christmas Grabbag: Pick a present for yourself
  32. anthropology: Thanksgiving hosting, toasting and roasting, must-haves
  33. Rapha: Last Days of Rapha Gifts Express Shipping
  34. Monoprice: 10% DISCOUNT on the whole site + Buy our Christmas gift guide!
  35. Shutterfly: Only 3 days: 50% discount + NEW Disney Frozen Stockings
  36. capsule: Christmas period: TODAY – Best stocking filler ever!
  37. Lululemon: Preferably. (Cyber) Monday. Ever.
  38. Friend of the musician: The perfect last-minute present – a gift voucher
  39. Papa Murphys: Don’t mess your tinsel … let’s help with dinner!
  40. Groupon: Groupon’s most wanted Christmas season
  41. JetBlue: Up to 50% bonus – it’s better to give AND get!
  42. KSL offers: Save 10% with the promo code: Christmas10
  43. Utah Valley Massage Therapy: Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas
  44. Bass Pro Shops: Last hours! Extend your payments by 6 months
  45. KSL offers: 14 great gift ideas
  46. Guitar center: 12 Christmas offers – updated daily
  47. Cabelas: You have made your list …
  48. Backcountry.com: For the person who has everything
  49. Friend of the musician: St. Nick is here with two ways to save
  50. Audible.com: A free Christmas present only for our members
  51. Ancestry.com: Save a lot for Cyber ​​Monday – give family presents
  52. target: Pssst! Get the shovel on Black Friday
  53. The Bears: Find the perfect gift
  54. Bass Pro Shops: Save up to 25% on Santa’s toy store!
  55. Monoprice: Christmas Gift Guide – Headphones and Earphones from $ 10
  56. Homestead Resort: Home for the holidays at the Homestead Resort
  57. Moovly: Create your own Christmas greetings video in 10 steps
  58. Guitar center: Warning: Cyber ​​Monday has been extended
  59. BarkBox: Dog people give the best gifts
  60. Waves audio: Waves’ Black Friday Sale Starts Now – Get a Free New Plugin
  61. ProAudioStar: ProAudioStar beats EVERY Black Friday price PLUS gives you a 15% discount on your next purchase
  • Bonus – Magic Spoon Muesli: We never do that
  • Bonus – he: Let your Christmas candle burn
  • Bonus – Madewell: Newcomers + gift guide =?
  • Bonus – Everlane: No sale today. Here’s why.
  • Bonus: – Subject: Only this weekend: please do not go shopping

B2B email subject lines

  1. Team Tony Robbins: Your last chance to save in time for the holidays.
  2. Dale Carnegie Training: Be brave with powerful conversation this Christmas season
  3. Pureleverage.com: Your $ 1.00 Cyber ​​Monday Sale !!
  4. Voices.com: Cyber ​​Monday Deal from Voices.com coming soon
  5. 3 key elements: Stressed by the holidays? Body language tools to the rescue!
  6. Pinterest partner team: This Week: Create Christmas Boards and Schedule Pinteresty Events

Email subject lines for nonprofits

  1. SF-Marin Food Bank: Today is #GivingTuesday
  2. California Academy of Sciences: Unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!
  3. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: #GivingTuesday is today!
  4. Friends of the sea otter: Adorable Sea Otter Gifts Available on Tuesday
  5. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Today is #GivingTuesday: Donate now and become part of a new tradition.
  6. The marine mammal center: A special thank you gift for everything you do
  7. just give: Gifts that do good … and feel good
  8. Susan G. Komen: The deadline for Christmas presents is tomorrow

While these subject lines are sure to be inspirational for the holidays, you’ll want to bring your own creativity and message to your subject lines. Here are some tips to help you create holiday subject lines that shine.

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Tips for writing your best vacation headlines

Now that you’ve looked through some amazing holiday subject line examples, take a look at some of these tips and best practices to help you filter your own subject lines as you write.

1. Use words that increase conversions and the most popular holiday words

It might be tempting to get extra creative when it comes to creating funny subject lines for email marketing messages, but it’s also important to remember that there are certain data-driven words that will increase conversions. Here are some of the key words you can use in subject lines to increase your conversions:

• Sale
• The end
• Now
• Thanks very much
• You
• New
• Exclusive
• Discover
• Be the first
• Immediately

You will find that each of these words evokes either a sense of connection, conviction, urgency, or interest – all of which are necessary to help you get Christmas sales.

You should also consider using emojis in your subject lines. The playfulness of an emoji is a great addition to festive holiday subject lines and can help make your email stand out in inboxes.

2. Arouse interest with vacation words

In addition to using proven data-driven words that convert, you should also use some of the most popular holiday words to remind subscribers that you’re on special offers that are only available during the holidays. If you read through all of the fun holiday subject lines above, you will find some words keep popping up, including the following:

• Vacation
• Christmas
• Black Friday
• Thanksgiving
• Giving / giving
• Shopping
• Last chance / minute
• Special
• Offers
• Save on computer

If you can, include both these best converting words and vacation email marketing words in your subject lines and you’ll enjoy the benefits of writing great vacation marketing copy Emails.

3. Promote your offer in the subject line

Another common theme shared by good vacation email copies is adding the deal in the subject line. Chandon does this in their pre-Thanksgiving email campaign, which offers free land shipping – so their subscribers can stock up on sparkling wine for their celebrations. The subject line just states that land shipping is included and the heading reinforces the offer.

Example of the subject line of a Chandon holiday email

4. Offer solutions

Not only is it important to mention offers and promotions in your subject lines, but it is also important to solve customers’ holiday shopping problems. For example, some people may not know what to put on their spouse, what to serve for Christmas dinner, or how to find the perfect gift for their mother-in-law. Offering solutions to these types of problems and running a promotion can lead to satisfactory and unexpected conversions.

This example from Birchbox promises to alleviate holiday stress and links to their holiday shop with gifts that are broken down by price points.

Birchbox vacation email example

Gift guides are another effective way to help customers. Curating your products by interest or use case also helps steer buyers in the right direction.

Wrap up

As you prepare your vacation email marketing strategy, make sure to keep these tips in mind. As the inboxes get more crowded as the holiday season begins, your subject lines will be crucial in making your messages stand out on your email list.

It’s not much time, but you can still get ready. Check out our vacation guide for more email marketing tips that will hopefully result in increased revenue and a happy holiday season.

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