7 Sensible Instruments to Assist Enhance Your Social Media Branding


Building a strong brand is vital for any business, and social media has quickly become the ultimate place to grow your audience and take your brand to the next level.

With around 3.8 billion people around the world now regularly scrolling through their favorite social platforms, the medium offers tremendous potential for businesses to improve their performance out of the box.

Social branding has become the touchstone of digital marketing. Social branding helps companies to increase brand awareness, to get in contact with relevant communities and to establish their place in the lives of consumers through regular, ongoing contact.

But how does one do it? How can you develop a strategy that will maximize your social branding efforts and improve your social media performance?

Here are seven lesser-known tools you can use in your branding process, each of which is aimed at a specific element in an effective branding system.

1. SE ranking: Produce share-worthy content

The key to successful social media branding lies in creating content that inspires people to share and engage.

The content you share on social media shapes your brand. Because of this, it is important to analyze your content resources and share the right type of content.

SE Ranking is a versatile tool that reveals hidden opportunities and helps you find out which content best connects with your audience.

For example, you can use the competitive research feature to discover the top performing content on social media and then “borrow” good ideas for your social media strategy.

Once you know what types of content your competitors are creating and what websites are referring to them, you can use that information to boost your own content efforts.

2. Crello: Create your stunning designs

Attractive graphics are a must in social media marketing – because we all know that people are more likely to like, comment on, and share something that is visually appealing.

Crello is an easy solution to create stunning social media post designs – including Instagram Stories, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter headers, YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest graphics, and more.

The platform includes thousands of animated templates, and you can also add animated objects to any static image in minutes. All designs can also be automatically adjusted to a different preset social media format or to custom dimensions within the app.

Crello’s paid plan starts at $ 7.99 per month (when paid for a year), which gives you unlimited access to thousands of high quality, royalty-free images and files.

Crello is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android and contains over 25,000 design templates for all social media formats.

3. Messagely: use chatbots

More and more customers want tailor-made experiences that are tailored to their personal preferences. And today, 89% of them want to connect with brands through messaging. Chatbots can be a great option for increasing sales, maximizing lead acquisition, and improving the customer experience.

Messagely offers the ability to integrate chatbots with various social channels, and the platform is packed with advanced features to help you get set up quickly and engage with customers 24/7.

The platform helps you better understand your audience’s needs and assess potential problems in your chatbot flows. This allows you to take a tailored approach to your marketing efforts and maximize the connection with your followers.

4. NapoleonCat: Boost your brand reputation on social media

NapoleonCat allows you to manage all of your social media profiles in one dashboard that covers everything from publishing and conversation tracking to analysis and reporting.

Napoleon cat

The best thing about this tool is the Social Inbox feature that allows you to see all the news, reviews and comments from different channels in one place. You can respond to these comments immediately and make sure nothing escapes your attention.

This feature is particularly useful for companies with multiple locations in Google My Business, as all reviews from all locations can be moderated through a single dashboard.

This can be a huge time saver for companies that want to monitor their brand (s) online or offer support through social channels.

5. SendX: Use your email list

Building a solid email list can be a great way to enhance your branding message, provide more information about your business, and engage with your customers. However, maximizing the interaction with your email often depends on the formatting and more appealing appearance of your messages.

SendX can help here.


SendX uses a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to create better looking emails, and it also includes a number of templates and tools to help you put together more sophisticated email marketing campaigns.

Sendx also allows you to upload your email subscriber lists to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to create more personalized offers for your email list and find important connections. You can also create effective retargeting ads just for the people who clicked your email.

6. Finteza: Measure your social endeavors

In addition to building your social media follower numbers, you also need to measure how people are reacting based on the additional actions they take on your social profiles and posts.

Finteza offers an advanced analysis system to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. The tool provides information about the quality of traffic on your website and conversions by channel and helps you to measure the actual results of your social media activities.

With Finteza, you can create funnels on any of your pages to study user behavior from social media sources. These insights can reveal the elements that you need to pay more attention to and develop.

7. Awario: Track your brand mentions

Word spreads quickly and negative comments spread even faster. Hence, you need to have a social media monitoring process in place to keep track of brand mentions and respond in a timely manner if necessary.

Awario allows you to monitor your social media mentions in real time and respond to them through the dashboard. The tool includes a number of functions including deep dive analysis, sales prospectuses, Boolean search, etc.

The Leads feature also lets you find potential opportunities on social media based on people asking for recommendations or looking for a solution in their posts. All you need to do is set up your brand name in the project flow to start monitoring.

Awario also offers sentiment analysis tools that track not only what people are saying about your brand, but how they are saying it. Then you will learn what customers think of your brand in general.


If you want to build a strong brand on social media, using tracking and response tools is the best way to go, and each of the above apps have great features on different fronts.

In order to choose the right tools for you, you need to have a thorough understanding of your business goals and what you want to achieve. Once you have that end goal set, you can work backwards to find the tools that support those goals – rather than going any other way and using the tools available to guide your approach.

Once you have a clear path and the tools to track your results, you can make sure that you are going in the right direction with your approach.

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