5 Social Proof Tricks to Enhance E-mail Advertising Outcomes

Are you looking for reviews before making a purchase? If so, you’re like over 90% of people looking for social evidence. Use it in your email marketing today!

Do you want to increase your email marketing results? Adding social proof to your emails has been proven to increase the likelihood of readers clicking, calling, signing up, and buying.

Let’s say you either have or are planning to have a sign up page, autoresponder, welcome series, and / or promotional email strategy. You can include social proof in any of these elements to get more signups, clicks, and sales.

For example, AWeber uses these testimonials from successful customers to show the value of our platform and the specific success stories of our customers. These testimonials provide online proof that real people with real businesses use and like our tools.

Social proof is an expert marketing ploy that requires very little effort. Read on to learn what it is and how to use it successfully in your email marketing.

What is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon. It’s actually related to the fear of missing out, or FOMO.

Here’s how it works: when someone is contemplating making a decision – be it a purchase, registering for an email list, or something else – they are regularly seeking advice from others.

Therefore, when looking for a new dentist or hairdresser, you are likely asking your friends and family who they are going to.

But when it comes to decisions that are less universal, like buying an online course, signing up for a newsletter, or trying out software, you may not know anyone personally who has the right experience.

Instead, many people turn to trusted experts for advice and recommending products and services. These can range from professional business coaches to YouTube stars trying out new products.

However, if you don’t have an expert or personal contact you trust to give you feedback on a product or service, search the internet for advice – from reviews, testimonials, etc. This feedback is known as social proof and is very popular .

For example, here’s a review of AWeber on Trustpilot:

A Trustpilot Review That Says:

Over 90% of people look for at least one review before making a purchase decision.

You can use reviews about your business from TrustPilot, Yelp, Google Reviews, Amazon, or even Facebook. If your business has been around for a while – at least a couple of months – you probably already have rave reviews that you could use. But if you are new you may want to go for a different type of social proof.

There are many ways to provide social proof to your potential customers. Consider one of these points:

  • Posted feedback on social media
  • Testimonials and case studies
  • Award or trust badge
  • Customer data
  • General or company-specific evaluations

Now that we understand what social proof is, how can we use it in our email marketing?

6 Ways To Increase Your Email Marketing Results With Social Proof

1. Get more signups with FOMO

56% of people suffer from FOMO or are afraid of missing out. You may be afraid of missing out on a great deal, product, or fantastic content – like your emails!

Here’s how you can make this FOMO work for you: Find a review online from someone who likes your business. Whether on a review page or on social media, you can copy the embed code and add it above your registration form. This works on a blog, landing page, or website – really anywhere!

Take it to the next level with a testimonial that specifically talks about the benefit of receiving your emails. You can ask one of your biggest fans to say something relevant. Or, ask your current subscribers for feedback and include the positive comments next to your registration form.

Always add a picture, name and title to your rating or review. It gives others more confidence and confidence in what that person has to say.

2. Earn trust from your subscribers instantly

Immediately after someone signs up for your list, send a welcome email with another rating or a review.

You are not done yet earning your subscribers attention and trust by the time they sign up. They must continue to provide information that they find valuable and interesting.

The first email you send after subscribing is your best chance to convince them to open all of your emails, save them, remove them from the Advertising tab, and interact with your content.

Adding social proof to that first email will help. If you back up your quality standards with a third party, you will convince more of your readers psychologically.

So get a review or testimonial (which is different from the one next to your registration form) and include it in your welcome email – either as a separate section in the middle or at the end of the email, or even in the body .

3. Make more sales

83% of people trust reviews more than advertisements. You will be much more successful with promotional and sales emails if you include social proof in your sales pitch.

For example, let’s say you are selling a course on financial stability and happiness. Sending emails to your subscribers promoting your course is a breeze.

Explain what the course is about, how long it lasts, and who it is for, but also include a review from someone who has already taken the course. Try to find a review that specifically talks about how they benefited from your offer.

Take it to the next level by writing a case study about the person who succeeded on your course. Tell their story starting with the problems they faced prior to your offering and then how your amazing finance course solved them. Perhaps this person was struggling with student loans but could get everything under control with the advice you provided.

Here is an example of an email full of customer voices. Read it through – are you more inclined to use this product afterward?

Reviews from customers in this sample email.Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Not only is this a great way to get more sales, but it’s a great content idea for anyone who is unsure of what to write. An email can only be testimonials – let your customers speak for themselves.

4. Use trustmarks to get referrals

Everyone starts somewhere … I earned the @AWeber penguin badge today! That means I have about as many email subscribers as the people who populate Antarctica each year during the winter months. https://t.co/G6KZA7uBSN #aweberbadges

– The fiery grandma (@thefierygrandma) May 21, 2021

One of the best ways to increase your signups is through referrals. Do you remember any recommendations from friends we talked about earlier? They can work for your email list as well.

Include a section in any or all of your emails asking your subscribers to forward the email to their friends and colleagues who may be interested in your content.

This is a fantastic place to use trust badges. Have you won awards that prove you are the authority in your field? Even small awards are often given a “badge” that you can include.

People take recommendations seriously. If you’re a subject matter expert or have won awards for your product, service, or content, your current subscribers will be more inclined to share your email.

5. Turn abandoned shopping carts into sales with a sense of humor

Great news! Someone was excited enough to put your offer in their digital shopping cart. But they left before the sale was completed.

Sending a abandoned cart email is a great way to remind potential customers of their purchase – especially if they haven’t bought for convenience, such as when they have bought a product. B. if they cannot find a credit card.

These emails should be very short and to the point. But they can benefit greatly from social proof and humor, both of which can be gleaned from a social media post.

Find a post on social media that highlights your product or service in a fun way. Then point it out in your abandoned cart email – it will grab your prospect’s attention and likely result in more sales overall.

Whether you are simply adding a testimonial to your sales emails or writing an entire case study, try using social proof in your email marketing today. Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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