4 Simple Methods to Improve Your Revenue


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Running a household can be difficult, especially when spending continues to grow. Although we often look for ways to save money, there are ways we can also increase our income.

More than 50% of adults in the UK started 2021 because of debt. The average debt per person is over £ 9,000, so opportunities to make money are welcome.

This article is designed to help you increase your cash receipt so that you can better manage or put something aside. These four ideas should help you increase your monthly income without investing too much extra time.

Paid online surveys

Every single brand is interested in what their customers think. It helps them formulate new products and services and improve old ones.

For this reason, there are paid surveys so that brands can learn and discover the habits and desires of consumers. The good news is that they don’t even expect this information for free.

You can get paid to share your opinions, all you have to do is decide where to share them. Earnings range from around 0.50p per survey up to £ 5, but you can find even more lucrative surveys.


  • i-Say – This is one of the best paying websites that has coupons for retailers like Argos. Receive
  • Swagbucks – Daily polls and watching videos earn you points that convert into Amazon vouchers
  • Toluna – Earn points to get PayPal cash
  • Estimated Opinions – £ 1- £ 5 per survey, typically 15-20 minutes per survey
  • Panelbase – variety of topics, payment to your bank or vouchers
  • Curious Cat – Earn just £ 1 before you cash out, can earn up to £ 30 a month

Receive cashback while shopping

Signing up to a cashback site can give you some great rewards, especially when shopping for larger household items. A cashback site is a third party that you can usually join for free and receive rewards from online stores.

Log in, add the cashback site to your search bar and you will be notified of special offers as you shop. You can also get the store’s own points so it’s double the win.

The main cashback sites popular with UK customers are:

  • Quidco – sign up bonuses and from 1% -10% on purchases
  • TopCashback – established since 2005, over 5,000 partner brands
  • Boom25 – every 25th customer gets his purchase fully refunded
  • OhMyDosh – great for buying clothes

These cashback sites also offer prizes and rewards, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for their special offers. Always check the reviews of any cashback site before signing up as there are plenty of them out there.

Sell ​​your unused items on eBay

There are many benefits to selling your unused items on eBay. Everyone has clutter or items they no longer need at home, but someone else could use those items!

If you can’t decide what to sell, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Everything that has not been worn for a year
  • Articles still in their packaging – these bring more money
  • Branded goods – is it a designer? The sale will gain a few pounds
  • Faulty electrical appliances – some people know how to fix them
  • Vintage clothing – your old ACDC t-shirt or Doc Martens
  • Almost everything – one person’s garbage is the other’s treasure

Ebay now has a scanner so you can see everything with a barcode for how much similar items are being sold. Just download the app on your phone and use the camera to scan the items.

Look out for ‘Sell for £ X’ weekends and promotions where your selling fees are capped on all items. This way, you can earn even more with every product that you put for sale.

You can earn a regular extra income from selling on eBay once you are organized. Familiarize yourself with the words used such as BN (brand new) and VTG (vintage) and you will get goods flying.

It’s exciting to see the numbers go up on an item, but don’t spend too much time looking at it.

Recommend Schemes to a friend

You can make extra money by referring friends and family to products and services that you enjoy. You can get this on everything from the utility to the vacation.

The brilliant thing is that you can make money as you make money as sites like Quidco and TopCashback offer referral bonuses. You get £ 10- £ 20 when a friend signs up and sometimes they get a bonus too.

Here are some popular retailers and service providers that offer referral programs:

  • Ocado – the online supermarket offers £ 20 for each friend you refer
  • Swagbucks – Polls and Surveys website that gives you 10% of your friend’s income forever when they sign up
  • Vodafone – Recommend Home Broadband to a friend and receive a £ 25 gift card
  • Virgin Media – Both you and your friend will get £ 50 for recommending them

Happy earning

Now that you have found some additional ways to make money and you can get started right away. Make a dent in your debt or just set something aside for something special.

All of these options also have regular offers so that you not only earn more, but also receive additional rewards.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor, and therefore the information contained herein, including opinions, comments, suggestions, or strategies, is for information, entertainment, or educational purposes only. This should not be viewed as financial advice. Anyone considering investing should do their own due diligence.

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