15 Finest Websites to Discover Net Developer Jobs (As much as $150 per Hour)


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The best websites to find web developer jobs


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The 15 Best Places to Find Web Developer Jobs

1. Upwork

How to start freelancing at Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance platforms for finding jobs for web developers.

To get a job through Upwork, easy Log In as a freelancer and set up your profile. Make sure to showcase your skills, experience and education on your profile.

Once you are approved by Upwork, you can search and apply for web developer jobs. After you’ve had some experience on the platform, clients can invite you to work on their projects.

Average salary: $ 35-150 hourly depending on experience.

Upwork logo

Upwork summary

  • Allows you to work from anywhere in the world
  • Upwork ensures that you get paid for the work you do
  • Career opportunities – the more projects you complete, the more opportunities you will get
  • You can set your own prices

2. Lefttronic

Linksronik is a recruiting website with technology related jobs near you. To get a job as a web developer at Leftronic, easy Search the job relevant to your skills and apply online.

The specific company to which you applied will review your application. If your skills match the position, they will contact you to guide you through the next steps in the recruiting process.

Average salary: from $ 15 / hour

3. GitHub jobs

GitHub is a platform where developers can get in touch with each other. The platform enables you to host and review code, manage projects, and collaborate with 50 million developers.

You can also find web developer jobs on GitHub. Easy Search the job that corresponds to your skills and follow the application instructions in the yellow box on the job posting page.

Average salary: $ 78,358- $ 109,933 annually.

4. Top valley

How best result stands for “Top Talent” and only recruits top freelancers with many years of experience in web development.

The platform has a large selection of well-known customers such as AirBnB who are looking for professionals to implement their projects.

To get a job, you should first apply online. Next you will be invited to an online interview where you can present your experiences.

Once you become a Toptal freelancer it offers you constant projects from the best clients.

Average salary: $ 83,200 annually.

5. Employed

Hired.com is an online recruiting platform that offers you a wide range of job categories, including web development.

To become a hired member and receive job offers from global companies like PayPal, easy Log In as a talent. Once approved, your profile will be listed on the platform so that the companies looking for web developers can contact you.

Average salary: $ 100,000 annually.

6. Stack overflow

Overflow of packets connects you with companies who need web developers for their projects.

To get a job through Stack Overflow, easy search your job directory, choose the job that suits your skills and apply online.

Average salary: $ 67,000- $ 117,000 annually.

7. Gigster

Gigster is a network of web developers. As soon as you are a Gigster member, the platform assigns you to the projects that match your skills and experience.

To join a Gigster network, simply submit your contact details using theirs Contact form. Gigster will contact you when they add new members to their network.

Average salary: $ 31- $ 33 hourly.

8. People per hour

People per hour is one of the largest freelance platforms. It allows you to list your profile and set your own prices so customers can buy your service when they need it.

To get your profile listed on the platform, first Log In as a freelancer. Next, fill out your profile and showcase your skills and services that you offer.

Average salary: $ 30- $ 35 hourly.

9. Cube

cube is a platform where you can find jobs in the tech niche.

To get a job through Dice, easy browse the job fine-tune your skills and follow the application process. You will be contacted by the company you applied to to arrange the interview.

Average salary: $ 35- $ 70 hourly.

10. CodePen

CodePen is a empowered community of web developers who are learning to code.

To support the budding web developer, CodePen also offers relevant jobs. You can search the job directory to find the one that suits your skills and apply online.

11. Angular jobs

Web developers use the Angular platform to build web and mobile applications. Angular jobs is created by Angular Developer to assist other developers who specialize in Angular Find Jobs.

To get a job, you should find the job that suits your skills in the Angular job database and apply online.

Average salary: $ 78,400- $ 116,600 annually.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that connects professionals worldwide. To support your career growth, LinkedIn offers a job directory.

Follow the steps below to get a job on LinkedIn:

  • First you have to Log In for the platform.
  • Next, create your profile that depicts your skills, educational background, and work experience.
  • Once you’re set up, you can Search the job that matches your skills and apply.

Average salary: $ 50,000-173,000 annually depending on company and position.

13. Career builder

Career builder is an online recruitment platform that offers you web developer jobs from various companies.

To get a job as a web developer through Career Builder, easy find the job that suits your skills and apply online.

Average salary: $ 121,191 annually.

14. Monster

monster is another online recruiting platform that you can use to find vacancies from various companies.

Applying through Monster is easy. Just take a look available job advertisements and click the purple “Apply” button to begin completing the application. If you are a good fit for the company, the recruiter will contact you for an interview.

Average salary: $ 73,000-120,000 annually.

15. Cyber ​​Coders

CyberCoder is a platform that offers you a range of web development jobs.

Applying for jobs via CyberCoders is easy – find the job that fits your skills and apply directly on the platform. The recruiter for the company you applied for will contact you after reviewing your application.

Average salary: $ 83,000 to $ 120,800 annually.

What is a web developer?

A web developer is a person who turns a web design into a functional website. To make the website work, web developers write lines of code using computer languages ​​such as HTML and CSS.

Web development is a complex task. There are 3 different types of web developers who usually work as a team to get the project up and running.

  • User interface developer is responsible for the appearance of the website. You basically take the design provided by the customer or the design team and write code so it can be implemented on the web.
  • Back-end developer The task is to ensure the smooth operation of the website on the server side. To do this, they create the code that powers the website’s server, databases, and all of the applications they contain.
  • Full stack developer is a person who does both front and back end developer jobs. They are usually used for smaller projects or as a manager to oversee the overall project.

How much do web developers make per hour?

On average, web developers make $ 36 an hour.

What qualifications do you need to be a web developer?

  • First of all, you need to be fluent in the programming languages ​​HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While there are more programming languages ​​in web development, these three are a must-have for any developer. You can find courses at Udemy to expand or improve your knowledge of programming languages.
  • After you have mastered programming languages, you need to become familiar with libraries and frameworks. Libraries and frameworks are essential for your work as they simplify and speed up your work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are different libraries and frameworks, but jQuery and Bootstrap are the most commonly used.
  • Next, you should become familiar with Git and GitHub. With Git, you can keep track of all changes to your code. GitHub is a hosting service that stores Gits and enables teamwork and collaborative projects.
  • Being familiar with design tools is not mandatory, but it can give you an advantage when applying. Web designers typically use programs like Sketch and Photoshop to showcase website mockups.

How do you become a web developer with no experience?

While it is possible to become a web developer with no experience, you need to acquire relevant skills and knowledge first.

tree house offers you online courses regardless of your current level of knowledge or educational background. The platform offers a wide range of web development topics such as computer languages, security, machine learning, APIs, etc.

And the best part is that it is quite enough to get a job as a web developer with online education, like at Treehouse for example.

Is Web Developer a Good Career?

Yes! As technology advances, developer skills are more in demand than ever.

And the best part about being a web developer is that you can choose to work as a freelancer or as part of the organization. As a freelance developer, you’ll enjoy higher salaries, more creative freedom, and the ability to work from anywhere. You also have the option to choose the projects that suit your interests.

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