15 Analytics Plugins for WordPress


With the right analytics plugin, a WordPress retailer can track prospects and customers, get advanced statistics to improve website performance, and troubleshoot bugs.

Here is a list of analytics plugins for WordPress. There are both free and paid services to track visitors and events, generate page and post reports, generate heat maps, and much more.

Analytics plugins for WordPress

Site kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin for insights into how people are finding and using your website. Get key metrics and insights across all Google products including Search, Analytics, Ads, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Tag Manager and Optimize. Explore how visitors navigate your website. Track how many people saw your website in search results and what query they used to find your website. Monitor how much your website is making.

Site kit

MonsterInsights comes with a Google Analytics dashboard that displays actionable analytics reports in your WordPress admin. Set up universal analytics tracking across devices and campaigns with just a few clicks. Get visitor statistics in real time. Enable Google Optimize for A / B testing, adjust speed and sample rate, and other advanced features. MonsterInsights has over 3 million active installations on WordPress.

Crazy egg The WordPress plugin makes it easy to add Crazy Egg’s script to track visitor clicks and mouse movements on your website. Retrieve data from heat maps, session recordings, and A / B testing tools.

Matomo analysis is a Google Analytics alternative that offers a powerful range of functions. Securely track personal information in accordance with data protection laws. Import historical Google Analytics data directly. Learn how to improve your website, make the right decisions for your business, and stand out from the crowd in a safe and trustworthy way.

Matomo Analytics homepage

Matomo analysis

Woopra analysis is a customer journey analytics platform developed for teams. Get a holistic, real-time behavioral view of every visitor. Analyze customer journeys, trends, loyalty, segmentation and more. Optimize individual touchpoints, monitor product engagement and turn opinion-driven strategies into data-driven actions.

WP Google Analytics events allows you to trigger events when someone interacts or displays items on your website without writing any code to use events in Google Analytics. Set event-driven goals, track in-page navigation, compare call-to-action button performance, and more.

ExactMetrics is another popular Google Analytics dashboard with around 1 million active installs. View detailed visitor information right in your WordPress dashboard. Set up Google Analytics’ improved e-commerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress. Use the demographics report to improve your overall web strategy for your business. Access the Behavioral Report to see how people found your website, what keywords they searched for, who referred them from, what they clicked, and more.

ExactMetrics home page


Improved e-commerce Google Analytics tracks the entire user journey in your e-commerce shop. Monitor your merchandising efforts on every product page. Track the view-to-cart ratio and the view-to-conversion ratio of the products. See how users interact with your checkout page before making a final purchase.

WP statistics you can collect and analyze your website statistics without collecting user data. Find out how many people are visiting your website, where they are from, what browsers and search engines they are using, and which of your content, categories, tags and users are getting more visits.

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin for design, marketing, security, and performance, including advanced site statistics and analysis. Get real-time updates on website traffic, successful posts, website searches, and comments. Explore insights into your top performing posts and identify missing content that your website visitors are looking for.

Jetpack home page


Simple feed statistics you can automatically track your feeds. Collect daily and total statistics for each feed. Use the dashboard widget for a quick overview of feed statistics. Apply your own styles to customize your feed stats.

StatCounter provides a live feed of your visitors when they land on your website. View location, IP address, browser, system statistics, number of visits and more. Identify leads, returning visitors, click fraudsters, annoying visitors and bots.

Analytics cat is an easy and hassle-free way to add Google’s Universal Analytics code to your website without sacrificing performance from bloated features.

Analytics Cat

Analytics cat

HubSpot WordPress plugin provides built-in analytics to understand which sales and marketing actions are most successful and which need to be addressed. Easily see how your forms, pop-ups, live chats, chatbots, email marketing and sales follow-ups are helping your business grow. Capture, organize, and engage web visitors with free forms, live chat, contact management, and email marketing too.

Clicky analysis Automatically inserts Clicky Web Analytics tracking code into your WordPress pages and displays your data in the admin dashboard. See real-time results as you track individual visitors and actions. Launch heatmaps from the widget without leaving your site. Get instant notifications when your website goes offline.

Clicky Analytics homepage

Clicky analysis

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