13 Finest Software program Testing Jobs In 2021 (Entry Stage & Distant)


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Top 13 Software Test Job Sites

1. Digivante

At the DigivanteThe department for software testers is called BugFinders. They work with other BugFinders who test websites, software, and mobile apps to identify the bugs in functionality and code. BugFinders pays you for every valid bug you point out.

To become a software tester for BugFinders, simply fill out the form Online application and create your profile. As soon as a new project is available, you will be notified by email.

The average payout for a bug is $ 380 (£ 290) while the highest paid bug is worth $ 3910 (£ 3000).

2. uTest.com

uTest.com provides a platform where you can improve your skills and get software testing jobs.

To become a uTest member and start earning money testing websites, software and apps, do the following:

  • First, Log In as a tester and fill out your tester profile.
  • Check out the uTest Academy to improve your testing skills.
  • Next, you’ll get projects that match your tester profile.
  • Finally, you get paid through PayPal or Payoneer for reporting bugs or providing feedback on digital products.

3. Uncover bugs

UncoverBugs is the largest software testing company in the Philippines, connecting you with companies whose digital products need to be tested.

To make money testing different software, apps, and websites, easy Log In and create your profile.

UncoverBugs then compares the available projects with your tester profile and sends you the request to test the project.

4. OK test

Test IO is another great option when it comes to testing software.

Retrieving a software tester job from Test IO only takes 5 minutes. Follow these simple steps to get your first project:

  1. First, Log In as a tester.
  2. As soon as you become a member, you will receive your first test.
  3. Once you complete your first test, you can earn up to $ 50 for a single bug.

TestIO stores your profile information such as your interests and your device type and sends you available projects that match your profile. The more tests you do, the higher rated projects you will get.

5. QA mentor

QA mentor is a highly respected quality assurance company that has won multiple awards in this field.

If you have a computer science education and previous testing experience, you should submit your request for consideration as a tester.

If you are new to software testing, QA Mentor offers the full course to become a tester. The course takes about 30 days to learn everything from A to Z. It costs $ 299.

6. Testbirds

Testbirds This feature allows you to make money in your free time by testing the usability of software.

To become a Testbird, you must first become a nest member. As soon as you are a Testbird member, you will receive suitable projects for your device type.

Testbirds pays you around 20 euros for carrying out regular usability tests. You will receive an additional fixed fee for each valid bug you identify. The amount you will get depends on the difficulty of the bug you find.

7. MyCrowd QA

MyCrowd QA is another popular company that provides brands with a crowdsourced software quality assurance service.

Becoming a MyCrowd tester is easy:

  1. First, create an account and register your devices in the MyCrowd Studio application.
  2. As soon as MyCrowd receives test requests from its customers, they assign you the projects that match your profile.

MyCrowd pays you for every valid bug that you identify and report. The amount depends on the size of the flaw you discover. You’ll make $ 2 for S, $ 7 for M, and $ 12 for L size errors on websites.

However, if you couldn’t find any bugs in a project, you still earn money by running test cycles. You can also earn an additional fee for reviewing the bugs identified by your co-workers.

8. Passbrains

Along with testing digital products Passbrains This option allows you to earn money by taking surveys and studies.

Passbrains projects usually bring you 15 to 150 euros or more, depending on the size of the project and your contribution.

To earn with Passbrains, easy to register To become a member of the large Passbrains community.

9. QAonair

QAonair offers you two options:

  1. You can Log In as a member and receive the projects that are available for your device type.
  2. You can browse those available projects and offer the ones you find interesting.

For example, the current bid to test the website that sells weeds online in Canada is $ 70.

10. Global app testing

Global app testing is another large crowdsourced quality assurance company serving world famous companies like Facebook and Spotify.

To get a job as a software tester, you should Check the website when they adjust for the position.

11. Testlio

Testlio is a global network of software testers who ensure the quality of brands like Amazon, Microsoft and others.

You can easily join the team of more than 10,000 expert testers Registration as a tester.

12. Crowd sprint

Crowd sprint is another crowdsourcing software test platform that helps perfect its clients’ apps, websites and software.

Starting your software tester career at Crowdsprint is very easy:

  1. Log In and set up your profile, including details about the device you will use to run tests.
  2. As soon as Crowdsprint has projects available that require testing of your devices, they will email you the request.

Different projects on Crowdsprint have different payout models. Some of them reward you for the hourly work you put into the project, while others pay you for every bug you identify.

13. Bug crowd

Bug crowd is different from other platforms I mentioned above in that you don’t have to become a member to run tests. This company offers everyone the opportunity to conduct bug bounty hunting and the projects are shared publicly on the bounty board.

To make money finding vulnerabilities, you need to select the project from Bug Bounty List. Your remuneration varies from project to project.

For example, if you find bugs on the At&T website, you can benefit from them $ 50 to $ 2,000 Depending on the severity of the vulnerability you identified.

What is a software tester?

Have you ever found a malfunctioning website that damaged the brand’s reputation in your eyes?

To eliminate the errors, 55% of the companies Still use software testers for the vast majority of tests. The result is a perfect website, app or feature that can be made available to the public.

While someone with a computer science degree certainly has an edge over someone without, most website testers do are not requiredhold a university degree and receive on-the-job training. In fact, software companies often prefer to hire someone who is open to learning new testing procedures that are specific to their software.

If you’re interested in getting a job as a software tester, you’ve come to the right page. After extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of the top 16 companies that recruit software testers.

A software tester is a person who performs automated and manual tests in the quality assurance phase of software development. The software tester’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the software is functional and ready for end users to use. If a software tester finds bugs, they should either remove them or communicate with developers to fix the problem.

For example, when the ride-sharing agency Lyft wants to start a new feature, they first have software testers check that the feature looks and works as it should. Once it has been verified that the app update is working as expected, Lyft will roll it out globally.

How do I become a software tester?

While some jobs require technical knowledge and experience, most crowdsourcing quality assurance platforms don’t.

Below is the list of the 14 best platforms offering software testing opportunities that you can claim today.

Is Software Tester a Good Career?

Even a small bug in code can damage a brand’s reputation and even result in lost sales. However, with increasing competition between brands, more and more companies are paying software testers to get full-fledged websites, software, or apps.

For some people, testing software is a sideline while others do it full-time and make a solid income. Here is an example of one 25-year-old hacker who on the side earned $ 100,000 in one year as a software tester.

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