10 DIY Summer season Camp Concepts


When I think back to my childhood, what I regret most is that I never went to a summer camp to sleep in. I have a vision of long summer days canoeing and swimming and warm evenings spent around the campfire with smores and stories.

My kids are still too young for summer camp, but this year I have a number of summer camp ideas planned for you to enjoy in our garden or while camping. I hope these activities will help satisfy any summer camp cravings.

Summer camp ideas for kids of all ages

Summer is the time of year to get outside, enjoy the sun and each other. Here is a list of 10 fun and adventurous summer camp ideas for families with children of all ages.

Scavenger hunt in nature

Spend the day outdoors hunting for things in nature. This is a great way for the whole family to be outside. A nature-based scavenger hunt can also be a great opportunity to teach your children about the different trees, flowers, and bugs that can be found in your own garden or community. Here is a Free printable outdoor carving list which we like to use.

Science day

Our four-year-old loves nothing more than an experiment. That is why we are planning a day on science with various experiments. Some of our favorite science experiments are make a volcano and learn how Soap drives away germs. And you don’t have to worry about the clutter if you do all of your science outdoors. So grab your lab coat and goggles and get started.

Fight with the water balloon

Nothing beats a water balloon fight on a hot summer day. You can prepare the night before by filling a giant bucket or children’s pool with water balloons. To make sure everyone is having fun and no one is injured, implement rules for water balloon fighting, such as: B. not hitting someone with a balloon over the chest and not throwing them at close range. If your kids are too young for a water balloon fight, you can try a water balloon throw, which involves trying to throw your balloon into a hula hoop or other circular object.

Bike parade

There are few things our children can enjoy more than romping around on their bikes. This summer we are planning a bicycle parade with children from the area. Everyone gets together and the kids decorate their bikes and then ride around the neighborhood to show them off. This activity is creative and gets the kids moving. To prepare, you can snap up streamers, balloons, artificial flowers, mini pom-poms, and anything else you can think of.

Campfire smores

For me, nothing says summer camp more than campfires and smores. When the sun goes down, light a campfire and get out the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. To make the smores even more fun, we sometimes add sprinkles or smarties to add some color! If you don’t have a fire pit or are worried about small children by the fire, you can too smores in your oven and then serve outside!

Build a bird house

Use materials you can find in your home or yard to build a bird feeder. This is a creative activity that you can do with children of all ages. When you’re done, you will have some colorful birdhouses to hang in your yard. We did this simple bird feeder with our children who are two and four years old. We also used this design Building birdhouses with my teenage nieces. That

Family Olympics

Organize your own family Olympics in your garden. Schedule a number of events like Water balloon relay, Hula hoop competition and a long jump. You can have fun preparing for this event by creating Olympic banners and Olympic medals. You can even host your own opening and closing ceremonies. To ensure safety, of course, make sure that the event rules are discussed and agreed with all Olympians prior to the competition.

Craft Day

Have a craft-themed camp day. You can keep the art-themed clutter under control by doing all of your handicrafts outdoors. Keep it simple with street chalk or plan a nature craft with Leaf art and Rock painting. If you want to take things a notch, you can give it a try Water gun painting – it’s messy and a lot of fun.

Put on a talent show

Share your secret talents with a family talent show. Invite your extended family or your neighbors and organize your very own talent show in your garden. Pull out the clothes, musical instruments, and any fun props that will help highlight your talents. If you or your children get stuck trying to find out your talent, keep these tips in mind:

  • What after-school activities do your children take part in? Gymnastics, karate, dance? Any of these activities could be shared as a talent.
  • Do you play an instrument?
  • Do you know how to do a special magic trick?
  • Do you have a favorite joke to share?

Obstacle course day

Keep the kids active and have fun with an obstacle course themed camp day. All of your obstacle course supplies can come from things you have in your home and garage. Use everything from pool noodles to hula hoops to chalk and cones to create a challenging outdoor course. There really is no limit to what you can create, and it’s easy to adjust the difficulty level to suit kids of all ages. Check out these topics for more inspiration Outdoor obstacle course.

Enjoy your garden summer camp

It can be difficult to keep kids busy over the summer if they’re not enrolled in sports or a proper summer camp. We find that planning a number of these summer camp-themed activities gives our children something to look forward to. The preparation for our summer camp theme days also offers you some additional tasks.

Most of these summer camp ideas can be done with materials you can find around your home and garage, which will help keep things cheap. And all of these activities can be enjoyed with children of all ages. So what are you waiting for? Which theme days in the summer camp will you try this summer?

– From Jessica Martel

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