10 Greatest Wix Referral Apps To Drive Web site Visitors 2021

You made a great website on Wix, but you’re looking for new ways to get more traffic and make money. Fortunately, some recommendation apps will help you with this! Below are the best Wix recommendation apps we could find.

The 10 Best Recommendation Apps from Wix 2021

OSI partner software

OSI Affiliate Software is a referral marketing or affiliate marketing service designed to increase website traffic. Affiliate programs enable companies and other organizations to enable any Internet user to make money selling a product or service through a commercial website. Most referral programs work because companies offer commissions to anyone who can get customers to buy from them – generally in the form of a percentage of sales.

Companies provide affiliate links on their websites that generate revenue for both customers and merchants through transactions negotiated at the time of sale. There are two types of program models – related sales (one party does all the work such as content creation) or performance (both parties perform tasks).


Growth Hero is a Shopify partner software that helps sellers reach more customers and increase sales. Growth Hero optimizes your product line, search engine traffic, and daily updates on fashion trends and industry news to ensure that you are always one step ahead in online trading.

The results speak for themselves – new shops come to us almost every day looking for an answer that they couldn’t find with other providers. If you want to stop wondering how much business you could be getting and start getting it, now is the time! You can get started with GrowthHero by visiting their website.


PostPilot uses postcards to generate leads for local businesses. PostPilot’s mission is simple: You want to change the world by increasing community engagement through personalized, cost-effective marketing. And they love people more than marketing! Postcards are a magical piece of paper that everyone loves and that can be sent cheaply anywhere in the world with just your address.

Postcard marketing quickly communicates a lot of information about a product or service like texture, design aesthetics, etc. It also attracts new customers who love handmade quality and unique designs (like you!) Without breaking your wallet with every update.


Amplifinity is a partner relationship management system for companies. With literally decades of experience in managing partner relationships, we ensure that our customers are always aware of the contracts, obligations and services of their partners.

We offer “smart” notifications so that no approval or post-processing opportunities are missed. We also offer insight into the entire life cycle of a contract – all through one intuitive platform. Find out more by visiting their website.


RewardReach is the world’s most powerful referral marketing platform and rewards engine. With this powerful, cloud-based software, marketers make referrals more appealing to business professionals than sending ineffective emails or cold calling by making it so easy they forget they are EVER being marketed. You can easily find a list of prospects based on job title, location, and industry – not just what’s on their latest email hit list or whose name happened across their desk.

Referring apps to the Drive website for the Wix website

Social seeder

Social Seeder is an employee referral marketing service that enables employees to refer their friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers to companies in exchange for rewards.

It has been proven that people are more likely to buy a product or service based on a personal recommendation. Therefore, it only makes sense for companies of all sizes to leverage this through internal recommendations. Social Seeder’s product makes it easy for businesses by delivering timely notifications via email or social media. The idea is simple: employees recommend goods, and the company pays them a small fee when those recommendations are converted into sales. Social Seeder introduced innovative changes towards traditional incentive programs by solving a problem: cold calling stopped working because the phone call stopped working.

Viral loops

ViralLoops is viral marketing software used by marketers and entrepreneurs worldwide to get their marketing messages across blogs, social media sites, and more. It helps you find influencers who are likely to share your content for you and increases the number of people who download your content.

Viral Loops uses a smart recommendation engine that finds more influencers every time it’s used. The software also lets you know when influencer contacts go inactive so you can focus on new ones instead of spending time tracking old connections that are no longer uploading or sharing blog posts.

Using the program involves many different steps including installing the software, finding new influencers with email addresses and bloggers interested in your products / services, and sending them an email.

ISORAW – Rewards Made Right

ISORAW is a revolutionary new platform that helps agencies and brands create authentic content by harnessing the power of social media influencers. It helps organizations increase website traffic easily.

At ISORAW, they are committed to helping you break the marketing noise and shift your brand’s focus to authentic interaction with your audience. They believe that authenticity is your key to being successful in reaching consumers, so let them help you achieve this. ISORAW knows what works best for those who use social media as their primary means of communication. They work until you reach your goals and provide unparalleled customer service from start to finish of the project. You can let them help you.


Goaffpro is an affiliate marketing app that allows you to generate and track commissions on your online sales. Here is a description of how it works. Set up a website with recommended vendors, list the products you want to sell, calculate commission percentages plus shipping costs, create different banners or “teaser ads” for each banner, and then watch traffic purchases from your links. The app keeps track of everything and notifies you when something is sold so you can ship the order like a pro!

AAA – Affiliate Marketing PRO

Affiliate Marketing PRO aims to provide expert advice to independently promote affiliate marketing as a profession, career or lifestyle. Through professional discussions with other affiliates and important influencers in the industry, we offer our readers insights into a successful career in affiliate marketing. We present expert information for web developers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals interested in starting an affiliate marketing company or developing their products.

Which recommendation app do you think is the best? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Author: Arlen Robinson

Arlen Robinson is Co-Founder and VP of Business Development at OSI Affiliate Software. He also hosts the Ecommerce Marketing Podcast, where he discusses marketing strategies with experts from around the world.

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