YouTube Previews Upcoming Enhancements for YouTube Studio, Together with Auto-Generated Title Ideas


YouTube has given some insights into upcoming updates to its Creator Studio management platform, including improved processes for uploading videos via the mobile app and expanding pre-release review capacity to help developers avoid potential penalties.

First, YouTube wants to improve the default upload settings. It adds default settings to the mobile publishing process and allows multiple upload templates, so no full data entry is required each time a clip is published.

YouTube will soon also allow users to clone their upload settings from a previous video, further speeding up the publishing process, especially on mobile devices.

YouTube also wants to make it easier to manage content on the go by adding an option to upload videos from Google Drive.

YouTube Studio update

As you can see here, the new process adds Google Drive as another source location for your video content, so you can access any shared videos in your Drive folder or your company’s folder from anywhere and expand your booking options.

Finally, YouTube adds pre-release reviews to mobile devices to bring it in line with the desktop app.

YouTube Studio updates

As you can see here, YouTube’s pre-publish checks analyze tThe content of your video for a number of potential violations, including copyright concerns and red flags in the language, gives creators an opportunity to fix them before they hit the publish button.

Youtube The first pre-release reviews were tested last September before an expanded roll-out started in March. Now it’s becoming available for mobile too, while YouTube says it’s also working on improving pre-release notifications and providing more tools to make addressing easier on the smaller mobile screen.

There’s no definitive launch date for these new tools, but YouTube is currently testing them to allow for a wider launch in the near future.

In addition, YouTube says it is working on some other, more “futuristic” video uploading tools, including auto-generated video descriptions and titles, and AI tools to improve video thumbnails.

This could be of great help in maximizing your video performance. If YouTube is able to provide guidance based on user activity on the app to help you choose the right video titles and thumbnails for your clips, it may take some time to complete the work out of your upload process makes the research time shorter.

These advanced features are a little further away, but it will be interesting to see what YouTube has for each element.

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