YouTube Expands Sponsorship Alternatives Via YouTube Choose


YouTube has announced an expansion of its sponsorship opportunities available through YouTube Select, giving brands more opportunities to attach their promotions to specific moments and topics in the app.

As explained by YouTube:

“In addition to long-term sponsorship offers that are exclusively available in advance, such as ‘NFL Game Day All Access’, new this year, we have a range of seasonal sponsorship offers that are available quarterly. Our seasonal sponsorship offer specifically focuses on what’s prominent in culture during this time of year, like Mother’s Day, Summer Wellness, or Women in Music during the Month of Women’s History. “

The expanded sponsorship opportunities give brands more opportunities to engage with popular thematic content and display their promotions alongside videos in a wider and more diverse range of categories.

Among the various new sponsorship opportunities, YouTube offers:

  • YouTube Greenlight, which allows brands to sponsor an original series from a group of aspiring YouTube developers
  • New possibilities for game content via the Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards
  • NFL Game Day All Access – Advertisers have the option to sponsor the show for multiple episodes during the regular season and postseason
  • New programming geared towards sustainability
  • Sponsorship opportunities for seasonal events, including Mother’s Day and Black Music Appreciation Month

According to YouTube, these are just a few of the new sponsorship deals that will be available year-round. A number of interconnected programs and channels are tied to different events to give brands more opportunities to maximize their promotions across the network.

Such sponsorships can be expensive, but having more people search for this content at different times can be a great way to maximize your reach and get your news out to an engaged audience.

According to YouTube, brands should contact the Google sales team to learn more about YouTube Select sponsorship.

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