Warner builds presence in Africa, placing take care of WCB-Wasafi and Diamond Platnumz


Warner Music has teamed up with East African artist Diamond Platnumz and his independent record label WCB-Wasafi.

MBW expects the agreement to include an exclusive distribution agreement with the option for Warner to transfer WCB Wasafi artists to its labels.

As part of the strategic partnership, Warner Music, Diamond Platnumz, Ziiki Media and WCB Wasafi artists will work together on new releases, catalogs, brand partnerships, live and dubbing agreements.

Tanzania-based WCB-Wasafi will also be integrated with Warner Music South Africa and entertainment provider Ziiki Media, while Warner Music’s global network aims to introduce Diamond Platnumz and the label’s artists to a wider global audience.

The deal boosts Warner Music’s presence across Africa, driven by Alfonso Perez-Soto and Temi Adeniji, who were named Combined Managing Director and SVP of Warner Music South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, in March.

Diamond Platnumz has become one of the most successful and recognized modern artists in Africa.

With over five million subscribers, Diamond Platnumz has the number one YouTube channel in sub-Saharan Africa and is a brand ambassador for companies like Pepsi, Parimatch, Nice One Brand and Coral Paints.

Diamond Platnumz has also received numerous awards from MTV and Channel O and received other nominations at the BET Awards and AFRIMMA Awards.

WCB-Wasafi has developed into one of the largest labels in the region and has been successful with artists such as Lava Lava, Mbosso, Rayvanny, Zuchu and Queen Krediten.

“Warner Music and Ziiki are the right partners to further expand our reach.”

Diamond platinum

Diamond Platnumz said: “I built WCB-Wasafi from the ground up and I believe that Warner Music and Ziiki are the right partners to further expand our reach.

“I’m also looking forward to joining the Warner network myself. We have some exciting plans and I can’t wait to share more music with the world. “

“Diamond Platnumz’s musical talent is undeniable.”

Alfonso Perez-Soto, Warner Music

Alfonso Perez-Soto, President of Emerging Markets, Warner Music, added: “Diamond Platnumz’s musical talent is undeniable and he has become one of the most successful artists in Africa.

“On top of that, he has proven to be an incredible businessman in making WCB-Wasafi an impressive record label. The East and Central African music scene has exploded in recent years and we believe that by working together we can help bring Diamond and its artists to the attention of more fans around the world and introduce the Bongo Flava scene to a wider audience.

“This 360 degree partnership opens up a new way to connect with artists in Africa and our endeavor to bring African talent to the rest of the world. I would like to thank WM South Africa and Ziiki Media for their excellent support in making this business happen. “

“This partnership with Diamond Platnumz and Wasafi underpins our entry into East Africa.”

Temi Adeniji, Warner Music

Temi Adeniji, Managing Director of Warner Music South Africa and SVP, Strategy, Sub-Saharan Africa, said: “The differentiated approach of Warner Music on the African continent provides for different blueprints in the various sub-regions and in this sense this partnership with Diamond Platnumz and Wasafi firmly underlines our entry into East Africa.

“Diamond is not only one of the leading artists on the continent, but also undoubtedly the linchpin of the Bongo Flava scene in Tanzania.

“We are very excited to include him and Wasafi in the WMG narrative on the continent, and we are thrilled to welcome Diamond as global flagship artist for Warner Music.”

“This partnership will further strengthen our presence in Tanzania and Africa as a whole.”

Arun Nagar, Ziiki Media

Arun Nagar, CEO and Managing Director of Ziiki Media, said: “This partnership will further strengthen our presence in Tanzania and Africa as a whole.

“We hope to work with a wide variety of artists from different musical genres from across Africa, and the partnership with Wasafi is central to this approach.

“We invest considerable resources in the market because we have faith in its artists and believe that we have only just scratched the surface of what we can achieve here.”

The Diamond Platnumz deal builds on Adeniji’s collaboration with Perez-Soto to expand Warner Music’s presence across Africa through major deals with regional labels, distributors and DSPs.

These included groundbreaking licensing agreements with the African digital music services Audiomack and Boomplay, a partnership with Chocolate City, one of the leading independent record labels in Nigeria, as well as an investment in digital distribution, music rights management and the artist development company Africori.

Shortly after investing in Africa-based distributor Africori, Warner Music Group announced its partnership with Ziiki Media in May 2020.

Through partnerships in Africa and India, Ziiki Media, specializing in Punjabi music, works with a wide variety of companies involved in the aggregation and distribution of content in various formats such as music recordings, music publications, audiovisual content and live events.Music business worldwide

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