Twitter is Reportedly Engaged on a New Set of Paid Tweet Choices Below a Month-to-month Subscription Mannequin


What additional Twitter features would you pay for to improve your in-app experience?

Last July, Twitter sent out a survey of some users asking that exact question, as well as a number of potential paid tools that may be offered. Since then, Twitter has evolved its new subscriber options to match these responses.

Which could soon lead to the next phase – according to a new finding from app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter will soon launch “Twitter Blue”, which allows users to pay a fee of $ 2.99 per month to access a range These options access Twitter’s next level features.

As you can see in this screenshot shared by Wong, Twitter Blue would give access to new tools like bookmark collections that allow users to categorize their saved Tweets into topic folders, while Wong also notes that users have access to an option, “Tweets.” Undo “, which allows users to withdraw their Tweets within a specified amount of time after they have been posted.

This isn’t exactly editing tweets, but it does provide an additional option to recheck and correct tweet errors.

Would that be worth $ 3 a month?

This may not be the only option. Wong also notes that:

“Twitter is also working on a tiered subscription pricing model, with each tier offering more paid features than the other. For example, higher-priced tier users could enjoy premium experiences such as clear reading of news (Twitter recently purchased Scroll).”

Scroll, which Twitter acquired earlier this month, offers a service that allows users to pay a single subscription fee for Scroll, which is then applied to every single article they read from partner sites, so users avoid paywalls and in-content ads without having to subscribe to each publication individually. Scroll then forwards the appropriate fees from your Scroll subscription to the appropriate websites based on your activity.

Wong’s prediction is that this would be incorporated into a different tier – say, Twitter Red or Twitter Green, for example – each with a different level of access to these add-on features.

What other features could be offered to attract these new Tweet subscriptions?

As mentioned earlier, in July last year, Twitter sent out a survey asking users for feedback on possible subscription options.

???? Here is a list of features Twitter may be considering for its paid / subscription service

Which ones would you be willing to pay for?

– ???? Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) July 31, 2020

These possible add-ons include:

  • Undo sending – An option to get your sent tweets within a 30 second window
  • Custom color options – New ways to customize your Twitter profile presentation
  • Advanced video publishing tools – The ability to post significantly longer videos in your tweets
  • Profile badge – A profile card that refers to your company / employer
  • Automatic replies – The ability to add auto reply options to be used in your tweet replies
  • Social listening – More insights into your Tweet engagement and discussion around your Twitter handle
  • Brand surveys – An option to run surveys on your Twitter ads for more feedback
  • Custom stickers and hashtags – Ability to create custom stickers and ‘hash flag’ emoji linked hashtags
  • job advertisements – Optional job advertisements
  • Administration of administrator roles – New options to define how employees / contractors can control your account on Twitter
  • Insights into other accounts – More analytics options including the ability to view all of your previous reactions with any account
  • Educational resources – Access to more Twitter training and tools

Hence, it seems like an alternate tier of subscribers for Twitter Red could focus on professional use, with more tools to help social media marketers better manage their tweet activity, including additional performance insights and new customer feedback -Tools.

What could be worth the extra investment while considering the fees for badges on the profile or even business account tools could be another item considered.

Twitter recently shared a preview of its developing business profile badges and tools as it sought further feedback from potential brand users on what to focus on.

Twitter business profiles

This may also include new variable display options for company profiles for products, apps, etc.

Twitter business profiles

This is interesting and would add a number of new considerations to your tweet connection and advertising opportunities, while Twitter is also developing new ecommerce tools on the platform that could add another valuable tool to the mix.

But what if these tools weren’t made available for free? What if Twitter eventually made these available, but if a company wanted to use them, it would have to pay, say, $ 5 a month to be a member of Twitter Red (or whatever color)?

Would you pay?

Even if you didn’t, my guess is that at least a percentage of business users would, and with Twitter likely to reopen Profile Review next week, it all seems to align.

While many, at first glance, instinctively oppose the idea of ​​paying for these new Twitter features, and poke fun at the suggestion that anyone would give Twitter money for it, this could actually turn out to be a big winner for the platform.

Imagine the millions of companies currently active on Twitter. Twitter doesn’t currently offer company profiles, so we can only guess this number. For comparison: currently more than 200 million companies are active on Facebook.

Let’s say half of these brands are also active on Twitter (100 million) and maybe 20% of them are paying an additional $ 5 per month for these new business add-on tools. That would add $ 100 million more per month to Twitter’s coffers, or $ 300 million per quarter. That would correspond to a 33% increase in Twitter’s sales rate in one fell swoop.

This doesn’t seem to be so out of the question. While it is possible that Twitter Blue won’t become a massive hit for individual users, it may not need to be. Perhaps the bigger element is the expanded business tool and additional offerings Twitter could build into its tiered subscriber options.

Even with this in mind, some people will pay $ 3 for a few additional Twitter tools – and even if only 1% of Twitter’s current user base signs up for them, that would still be an additional $ 6 million per month ( + $ 18 million per quarter) for the company.

Yes, it might seem difficult to expect people to pay for a few extra Tweet features, but you might also be missing the bigger picture. We don’t have enough to move on at this point, and Twitter is silent for the time being. However, the full scope of this launch is potentially far more significant and valuable than we can currently see.

We will keep you informed of any progress.

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