The way to Get Free Sneakers? (from Nike, Adidas, Beneath Armour)


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Putting on a new pair of shoes is a great feeling, but how much better would it be if they were free? Yeah, you heard that right. Not just a pair of free shoes, but a new pair of free shoes every few weeks.

With the average cost of sneakers around $ 58 ((Statista, December 2019)Not too many people could afford a new pair of shoes every few weeks. According to surveys, the The average American owns 19 pairs of shoes (12 for men, 27 for women). That’s more than $ 1,000 worth of shoes on average.

Go and look in your closet. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Now multiply that by the average price of $ 58 per pair. How would you like to save that money and wear new free shoes all the time? I’ll show you how

The secret to getting free shoes

You want new shoes but always seem to have better or more important things to spend your money on. How can you justify a new pair of sneakers or new heels when your rent is due next week, you need to make a car payment, and still need to do your shopping? Every month you promise that when payday runs around you will treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers, but it never seems to happen.

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Where can you find free shoes?

65 Where to Find Free Shoes

Selling or disposing of personal items has become a booming industry. Now there are a number of great places to search online and find items that people are giving away for free or selling for cheap.

OfferUp is a good example. It is an online buy / sell / swap platform that connects people in the same region. The premise is simple. You take a picture of something you want to sell or get rid of, post a listing on the app, and connect with potential buyers. Or, as a buyer, you can browse the listings in your area and chat with sellers.

It’s convenient and easy to use, with apps available on both iPhone and Android, and on a website. Constant updates ensure that the app runs smoothly.

As someone looking for free shoes, the app offers you the perfect platform. You can search for the term “shoes”, “sneakers” or whatever is relevant to you in your region and filter the results by the maximum price of “0”.

Sellers can list items for free. There are no listing fees and no commissions. Because of this, there are a surprising number of people who are using the platform to free up space in their home and get rid of items for free. For example, with the average American who owns 19 pairs of shoes, many people may not have the storage space for the new pair they just bought. As a solution, they can list an older pair of their shoes for free for quick removal and additional storage space so you can grab a pair of free shoes.

So OfferUp is great and you can get free stuff like shoes on the website. But here’s the real secret to getting free shoes: become a product tester. They will even deliver them to your door.

Product testing shoes

65 How to Perform Product Tests on Shoes

What does a product tester do?

The responsibilities of a product tester can vary from company to company. However, most shoe product testing programs work in a similar way. You fill out an application online and provide some basic information like shoe size and address where the shoes should be sent.

Once your free shoes arrive, wear them for walking, running, exercising, etc. They keep track of how you feel wearing the shoes and provide helpful feedback to the company. It is always important that you do this honestly and also report small points of criticism about the shoes. At the end of the product trial period, you will also often be asked to complete a survey on the shoes. Some companies may let you keep the shoes after you leave feedback, others may ask you to return them.

Why do companies use product testers?

With the help of product tests, companies can generate feedback on their products. This way they can innovate and improve their products before they hit the market.

How do you become a free shoes product tester?

Companies often look for different types of product testers at different times. For example, when a company launches a new line of shoes, it may target testers in specific demographic areas like man or woman, age, athletic ability, weight, etc.

Typically, to become a product tester, you need to enroll in the company programs. Once your information has been accepted, you will become part of the company’s database. If you are part of the demographic that the company is looking for, you may be selected as a product tester.

Six companies that offer free shoes to product testers

Testing shoes helps companies improve their designs. Therefore, many well-known brands offer product testing programs such as:


Adidas conducts product tests across its lines. In addition to getting a pair of free shoes, you may be able to get clothes and accessories as well. Trial periods are usually between two and four weeks and require you to cover a certain amount of mileage or wear it for a certain amount of time.


Brooks is a well-known running shoe supplier. It has some fairly specific requirements for its product testers; For example, you need to know your gait (flat foot, arched etc) and the size of the running shoe.

New balance

New balance tests his new sports shoes with product testers. They make some of the most sought-after shoes on the market, and you can get your hands on new products before anyone else by providing helpful feedback to the company.

red wing

Unlike the other brands on this list, Red wing mainly sells work boots. It conducts product tests on its boots. So if you’re interested and you are within 100 km of either manufacturing facility (Minnesota or San Jose), sign up.


Another well-known brand with a product testing program that lets you pull off some sneakers for free. Reebok has some requirements for its testers, such as fitness enthusiasts and internet access. A full list of requirements can be found on the website.


puma is one of the most popular sportswear brands of the year. Stepping out with a new pair of cougars is sure to turn a few heads. Like most shoe companies, Puma does a lot of product testing. This year, for example, a beta test program was carried out for the new Fi training shoes.

Under armor

Adults and children (with parental consent) can request Under Armor’s product tests. With Under armor, They often wear the shoes during the trial period and then return them at Under Armor’s expense.

How do I become a Nike product tester?

Yes, Nike, the father of the market, also uses product testers. Free Nike Shoes – Just Picture It! Here’s what you need to do:

Nike often looks for product testers.

There are currently three categories for product testing:

  • Adult: 18+ years old
  • Minor: 13-17 years old
  • Child: 12 years and younger (parents must apply on their behalf)

You can sign up for the Nike product testing program Here – and who knows, you might have a pair of free Nike shoes in just a few weeks!

Product reviews aren’t for everyone, but you can still get great deals

65 How to Get Great Deals on New Shoes

Product testing takes work. It’s not just about sending in a free pair of shoes and doing a quick survey. You need to wear them and provide constructive and helpful feedback. You need to take the time to determine the level of feedback companies are looking for.

However, if you don’t have the time to be an effective product tester, you can also find great deals on shoes through a website like Rakuten. With Rakuten, you can earn cashback rewards for your purchases. Rakuten offers cashback deals from a variety of stores, including Amazon and Macy’s. Earn money back as you spend – up to 40%. By purchasing items that you really need from Rakuten, you can easily make the money to buy a new pair of shoes – effectively, sneakers for nothing!

If you Login here For Rakuten, you get an additional $ 10 off your first purchase.

Rakuten logo

Rakuten summary

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  • Almost 2500 stores available
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Get started now and wear free shoes within weeks

Getting a new pair of shoes doesn’t have to break the bank. You can hack your way into some free shoes with buy, sell, and swap apps like listing and product testing programs.

It may be worth putting in a little effort to browse free listings on OfferUp or provide feedback on new products as you take your new kicks off. And with Rakuten, you can earn cashback that quickly adds up to free shoes!

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