The Bytedance app’s key figures revealed


TikTok is such a global phenomenon these days and growing so fast that it is not always easy to take stock and understand exactly how big the Bytedance app has become.

Fortunately, a rare semi-official snapshot of TikTok’s numbers has just been snapped – one that says a lot about the reach and audience of the short-form video platform in 2021.

TikTok Inventory: How Many Users?

TikTok’s US company recently contacted advertising agencies in the US through a B2B pitch deck under its sub-brand TikTok For Business.

This deck has now been leaked online and contains a slew of new information about the TikTok audience and their behavior.

Perhaps the most headline-worthy of these statistics is this: As of October 2020, the TikTok app reached TikTok’s own analysis 732 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) around the world and more than 100 million MAUs in the United States.

To put that in perspective: 732 million active users are more than double the global monthly active user base of Spotify at the end of 2020 (345 million), but less than half of the more than 2 billion registered monthly active users who YouTube attracts the world.

While taking stock of TikTok’s progress, we should also say that October 2020 was six months before this article was published (April 2021). As we address later in this post (see, “When Will TikTok Reach One Billion Users?” Below), TikTok has probably added ten million monthly active users to that number of 732 million since it was recorded.

TikTok logoTikTok inventory: How often does the app audience actually use the platform?

Another important piece of information about the growth of the TikTok audience in the leaked pitch deck concerns the daily behavior of the app audience and the engagement they show on the platform.

According to Deck, the average TikTok user opens the app no ​​less than 19 (nineteen!) Times on an average day.

This statistic comes from TikTok’s internal data sources as of January 2021, although the deck doesn’t make it clear whether it relates to users only in the US or to the entirety of the app’s global user base.

In addition to this data point, there is another memorable piece of information: According to TikToks Deck, the average TikTok user actively uses the app for 89 minutes per day – that is, almost exactly an hour and a half.

From January 2021, these statistics will also come from TikTok’s internal data sources (see below).

TikTok Inventory: What Are TikTok Audiences Like?

The leaked TikTok pitch deck also reveals some demographic information about TikTok’s modern audience, according to Business Insider.

Based on TikTok’s internal data sources (as of October 2020), almost half (42%) of all active users on the platform were between 18 and 24 years old.

Another 17% of TikTok users were between 13 and 17 years old at the time, according to the deck.

However, only 7% of TikTok users were over 45 years old.

TikTok Inventory: What’s the Commercial Opportunity?

The bulk of the leaked deck, as you can expect from a B2B presentation to advertising agencies, focuses on the spending habits of the TikTok audience.

It turns out that TikTok will launch a number of new ad formats in the second half of 2021 that will allow advertisers to showcase their products and services, re-target consumers who have shown interest in their products, and highlight discounts and promotions.

Perhaps the biggest development for TikTok’s advertising business among these four ads is likely to be dynamic product ads, which automatically target product advertisements to consumers who have previously shown an online interest in those ads.

At one point on the deck, TikTok claims that 47% of its users said they have “bought something that was seen on TikTok” in the past and that 67% of its users agree that TikTok “inspired them to shop, even if they didn’t look to do that ”.

When will TikTok reach 1 billion users?

One of TikTok’s main competitors in ad-supported social media is Instagram, which topped a billion unique monthly users for the first time in June 2018.

When will TikTok reach the billion-user milestone? Maybe sooner than you think.

The 732 million monthly active users that TikTok reached in October 2020 is the first official figure we’ve received from TikTok in some time in terms of its global reach.

However, as part of its lawsuit against the US government in the summer of 2020, TikTok officially announced that there were 689,174,209 active monthly users (MAUs) worldwide at the end of July 2020.

In other words, from the end of July 2020 (689.2 million MAUs) to October 2020 (732 million MAUs), TikTok expanded its service by approximately 43 million monthly active users worldwide.

This corresponds to a worldwide addition of approximately 14.3 million MAUs per calendar month over this period.

“If TikTok can sustain the global growth it showed between July and October 2020, we would expect it to exceed 1 billion global monthly active users (MAUs) by May 2022.”

Given that the 732 million MAU number just published actually refers to a period six months ago (October 2020), MBW would expect TikTok’s global MAU number to be around 818 million today (April 2021) has risen.

If TikTok can sustain the global growth it showed between July and October 2020, we would expect it to top 1 billion global monthly active users (MAUs) by May 2022, or 13 months from now.

TikTok is well used to accelerating growth. In the lawsuit against the U.S. government last year, TikTok announced that the global MAU was 507.5 million in December 2019 and 271.2 million in December 2018.Music business worldwide

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