Straightforward and Enjoyable Summer season Staycation Concepts for 2020


INSIDE: Are you looking for new ways to have fun with the family this season? You have a lot of budget-friendly things to do with these great place to stay.

A summer getaway is a great way to get out of the daily routine of your family and have some fun this season – without all of the hassle and expense of traveling.

We share tons of things you can do together! (Before planning your stay, don’t forget that you will need one more Staycation budget!)


Think of a stay as a summer vacation home. Instead of packing your bags and traveling somewhere for a few days, spend your time outside of work at or near home. You can do things that are free or cheaper than what you would do on a traditional vacation.

Staying here is a perfect way to take time out from work without breaking your budget. And it’s great for this summer, whether you’re socially aloof you don’t get a lot of it Vacation days saved, trying to get out of debt or just not wanting to spend any money this year. And there are plenty of good ideas for overnight stays.


Below is a list of fun and unique place to stay ideas. These work for every budget and are equally enjoyable for families and couples. You could even get inspiration to come up with your own ideas along the way.

Do you have some great ideas for a stay that your family made? Please share your brilliant own suggestions in the comments!

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You could plan an entire vacation as if visiting your city for the first time!

Visit your city’s tourism page for ideas like a self-guided walking tour of historic neighborhoods, a visit to a park or garden you’ve always wanted to visit, a food tour of popular restaurants (take a picnic take away /) dessert / ice cream cone) or a ride on a new bike path.

If you have to pay admission to a local venue, one of my favorite ways to save money is this buy a pogo pass. You can find them for cities in the South and Midwest. Get discounted entry to parks and other attractions with purchase. It’s an easy way to save money and still have fun with your family.


Another fun idea to stay at is to build a water park at home! Use your own pool, slip ‘n slide and / or sprinkler. Arrange them on an obstacle course so the kids can run and play and stay cool. Be sure to make some popsiclesbecause there is no water park without it frozen goodies!


No matter where you live, there are likely to be hiking trails all over your city – both paved and dirty. Contact your local park authority to find out more and get out of there – the park often has great ideas about where to stay. Plan a route and take the kids for a short hike with a picnic lunch. It’s an easy way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re in the mood for something a little further afield, consider a visit Your next national park. These parks are spread across the US and feature some of the most spectacular areas you will ever see. You can just drive through the park or get out of your car to hike, bike, or camp depending on your location.


Put your chairs, fridges, and paper plates in your front yard and have dinner outside. You can ask your neighbors to do the same in their yard – or just enjoy waving to anyone who comes by while you eat. You might even get to know your neighbors a little better!


Let’s face it, baseball tickets can be out of reach of your budget. So why not bring baseball home? Put on your favorite team’s clothes, cook up all of your favorite baseball park fixins like hot dogs and nachos, and add in soft drinks. Then turn on the tube! Summer is the perfect time to watch (or watch again) Field of dreams, The sandbar and A league of its own for a family movie night.

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If you’re looking for great ideas to stay in, backyard camping is sure to be one of the best! We have done it many times. Just grab that Camping gear, grab the s’mores stuff, tell stories and try to catch some fireflies before we climb into our tent for the night. (Mom Hack: You don’t need a fire to make s’mores.)


My children would live in the park if I let them. One thing we often do while staying is a picnic! We pack lunch, go to the park and get out and play ball, run and just have a blast! Who says a staycation idea needs to be worked out? The simplest ideas are often the most fun.


If you’ve never heard of geocaching, it’s like having a giant treasure hunt outside with a GPS device. And when you to have I’ve heard of geocaching but haven’t tried it yet. What are you waiting for?! The Geocaching website has everything you need to know to get started. This is a creative, fun, and FREE way to hang out together exploring new places.


Who says your stay can’t be productive? Is there anything that needs to be done around the house? Does the shed have to be painted? Is the pantry asking for a makeover? Does the family room need fresh family photos? If you bring everyone together, you will all enjoy the fruits of your labor.

good staycation ideas

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Get your art on

YouTube is your friend here! Find a video with instructions on each type of art you want to try, such as: B. watercolor painting, charcoal drawing or sewing. Get enough supplies for everyone, then clear the dining table to create a mini art studio for the day.


I love this idea for a stay (and even a date). Take some Scrabble tiles and flip them to hide the letters. Then take a tile. The letter tells you what to do that day! So if you draw an “H” you may have to hike, play with the hula hoop, or draw a hopping place in the driveway.


You’ve probably done these at parties and they can be a lot of fun. You can flip that idea and have an outdoor scavenger hunt where your kids need to find things in nature. It turns a normal walk into something fun!

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One of the latest sensations taking the nation by storm is My Town Rocks. If you are talking about good staycation ideas it really is one of a kind. Look for painted stones in your city. The idea is that if you take one, you leave someone else. It’s a fun way to see the area you live in!

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Most people bake a lot in November and December but forget about it in summer. Look for easy summer treats and plan a day to bake. You might even try to make these fun Watermelon Krispie treats or a red-white-blue Children’s trifle!


When the rain comes in (or the heat is too big for you to be outside), you can enjoy the fun inside with a family board game tournament! Grab some snacks and drinks and enjoy lots of family fun. If you want to try new games, check this out Amazon bestseller list for inspiration.


Your local farmers market can be great fun for the whole family! Here you will find great food, music, and great vendors selling freshly grown produce and homemade goods.


No matter what your plans for this summer, the most important thing is just to have fun and do it as a family and these great ideas for where to stay will help you with that. Your kids will love hanging out with you – no matter what you choose. Do you have any other perfect ideas for a stay? Share them with the Penny Pinchin ‘Crew in the comments below!

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First published in July 2020. Updated in April 2021.

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