Songtradr acquires movie, TV and gaming music knowledge platform Tunefind


Songtradr has acquired again. Today (April 27), the Los Angeles-based B2B music licensing market announced the acquisition of music technology and data company Tunefind.

Dubbed the “world’s most comprehensive database and online resource for music in television, film and video games,” Tunefind works with over 250 music supervisors worldwide to obtain song data directly from the executives responsible for selecting music in TV shows are responsible. Movies and video games.

Tunefind was founded in 2005 and attracts over 30 million visitors each year.

Today’s news follows last week’s acquisition of Pretzel (aka Pretzel Rocks) by Songtradr, a platform that “stream safe” music to live streamers on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Tunefind is also the second music data company to close Songtradr after investing in publicly traded technology company Jaxsta in September 2020.

Songtradr and Jaxsta recently completed their first integration, giving Jaxsta users access to neighbor rights through, dubbed the largest music loan database in the world.

Tunefind offers its community song previews, scene descriptions and interviews with music supervisors.

The platform provides contracted API data services to clients such as Plex, Chartmetric, and other major music industry partners.

Tunefind also supports the Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter TV Music Chart.

In the past six months, Songradr – calling itself “the world’s largest B2B music licensing marketplace” – has also acquired companies such as the multi-million dollar music and sound design company Song Zu and the UK. based dubbing license business cuesongs.

In addition, Songtradr, which raised $ 30 million in a Series C round last summer, recently launched a new branded division, Vinyl By Songtradr, led by ex-UMG manager Mike Tunnicliffe and ex-Coca-Cola -Manager Joe Belliotti launched.

“Tunefind is an important trusted industry resource for using music in all major entertainment formats. The depth of the database and the coverage are unparalleled. “

Paul Wiltshire, Songtradr

Paul Wiltshire, CEO of Songtradr, said, “Tunefind is an important trusted industry resource for the use of music in all major entertainment formats. The depth of the database and the coverage are unparalleled.

“As we continue our quest to create the best tools for B2B music discovery, Tunefind’s Encyclopedia of Music Used in Television, Film, and Games has significant unrealized value, and so is our vast amount of data being extracted from the Use of promotional music to expand the Tunefind offer. “

“We are very excited about this new phase on the Tunefind journey.”

Amanda Byers, Tunefind

Amanda Byers, General Manager of Tunefind added, “We are very excited about this new phase in the Tunefind journey.

“The Songtradr ecosystem and technology are accelerating Tunefind from a product and data perspective so we can continue to deliver the best resource in the industry.”Music business worldwide

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