Snapchat Publicizes New Options at Accomplice Summit, Together with AR-Enabled Spectacles and Model Profiles


Snapchat is hosting its second annual Partner Summit today and has released a number of product announcements that will have a huge impact on a wide range of in-app elements.

And they’ll even go beyond the app, with Snap also showcasing its latest AR-enabled glasses, which are not yet being made available to consumers but point to the next level of evolution for the company.

There’s a bunch to do – here’s a rundown of all the major announcements.

First off, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, announced that Snapchat is now used by 500 million people every month.

The daily number of active Snapchat users that the company focuses on is 280 million. However, the monthly number highlights the continued growth and popularity of the app, especially among younger users.

For comparison: Pinterest is 478 million MAU, Twitter is 353 million. With that in mind, it’s worth considering the size of Snap’s reach and audience, as well as the app’s increasing impact on these classes of users.

The most important product announcement is the new AR-enabled glasses from Snap.

Yes, full AR overlay within Spectacles – not just a device connected to the camera. According to reports, Snapchat had been developing this next tier of glasses for some time, and now we have a first look at what’s coming and where Snap is going with its wearable AR tool.

It’s not fully developed yet. As you can see from the demo, there are still some limitations to the overlay, and it’s not the fully immersive visual companion that it will become at this point. But the time has come, and with that, Snap will try to keep in touch with the next tier of AR connection that will become a much bigger element in the consumer connection, especially with Facebook, Apple, and others who are also developing their own AR wearable Equipment.

The new glasses are not yet made available to the public. Snapchat is working with a number of AR developers “to redefine the way we communicate, live, and explore the world together through AR experiences in Lens Studio”. But the next phase is just around the corner and it’s interesting to see how Snap plans to stay in touch and adapt its tools to the next evolution in AR technology.

For brands, the big announcement of the day is Public Profiles for Businesses.

Snapchat brand profiles

As you can see, the new business profiles will be the Various branding elements that are now available in the app are being consolidated and include new options such as a shop display to highlight products.

As explained by Snap:

“”With public profiles, you can organically connect with your customers by highlighting useful and engaging content, showcasing existing Lens AR experiences, and sharing shoppable products right on the Snapchat app – while delivering insights for your business. Snapchatters can also subscribe to your profile to keep up to date with your content, new product launches, and more. “

Snapchat first released its upcoming brand profiles in beta last July. While they’re not as comprehensive as some other branding options, they do provide a more central area for your business within the app that can help improve brand loyalty and tracking, while also providing direct commerce capabilities.

Snapchat finds brands can also access mobile devices and Web management tools through Business Manager, while the new brand profiles also improve recognizability.

“”Once your public profile is set up, it’s instantly recognizable in Snapchat. Snapchatters can find your brand through Search, @mentions, Discover, Lens Explorer, and through your Snapchat ads. “

It is definitely worth setting up your own brand profile. For more information on setting up your Snapchat business profile, please visit here. Snapchat has also provided some key best practice pointers for inbound brands.

In terms of in-app design and usage, Snap also wants to focus more on scanning with the Snap camera to better highlight the different ways the scanning tools work.

“Today we’re bringing the scan button up and center and placing it right on the main Snapchat camera screen. It’s an easy way to find fun and informative lenses from developers and partners. These lenses allow you to identify hundreds of breeds of dogs , more than 600,000 plants and trees and millions of songs and products. “

The hope is that underlining these tools will encourage habitual discovery behavior and ultimately give Snap more opportunities to provide product matches based on scanned items, as well as informative hints and tips.

“”We are constantly adding new categories of information such as fashion and food to Scan. Screenshop has shopping recommendations from hundreds of brands when you scan a friend’s outfit. You can also choose a photo from memories to be scanned with Screenshop. It’s like having a personal shopper right in the camera and he’s starting the introduction today. “

Snapchat continues to invest in AR try-on tools and the next level of AR innovation for shopping with new AR try-on experiences, such as: B. the ability to ask for items that you would like to browse and try on digitally. and a new tap gesture recognition option that lets you signal Snapchat when to check out a different item or color so you can find the perfect new addition to your wardrobe.

Snapchat Prada example

All of this leads to the next phase of integrated trading within the app with new dynamic shopping lenses that contain price and availability lists in the stream and enable direct purchase directly via these AR tools.

The monetization of developers also plays an important role as the competition for the top stars of the internet intensifies and Snapchat works on new incentives to create a more sustainable ecosystem for developers in the long term.

Snapchat’s big leap into monetization came last November when the company launched its TikTok-like Spotlight feed.

The big lure of Spotlight is that Snapchat also pays out $ 1 million a day to its top Spotlight developers. The platform has already paid out more than $ 90 million.

This helped improve the option – according to Snap:

“Since we launched Spotlight late last year, we’ve been thrilled that our community’s creativity has been brought to an audience of millions. Spotlight is rolling out worldwide and is already reaching more than 125 million monthly active users. We continue to offer millions per month to date over 5,400 creators earned more than $ 130 million. “

There are now plans to gradually reduce Spotlight payments, with Snap initially falling back on the payout from $ 1 million per day. “Millions a Month “instead.

So the idea is to facilitate monetization within the tool between creators and users in order to keep revenue flowing for the top creators.

A new element in this approach will be gift giving:

Snapchat gift

“Gifts are sent through story replies, making it even easier for fans to show their support for their favorite creators and for creators to connect more deeply with their fans. When a subscriber sees a snap from their favorite Snapstars like, do this. ” You can use Snap tokens to send a gift and start a conversation. Snap Stars earn a portion of the income from gifts they receive from story responses. “

The option is very similar to Facebook’s “Stars” and YouTube’s “Super Stickers”, which are a more fun and engaging way to donate money. This format has proven to be particularly popular in China, where live streaming is now an industry in its own right. The hope is that this will help Snap developers generate revenue from their fans in the app, and it will gradually reduce the need for Snapchat to subsidize such payments.

Story gifting will be available to select Snap developers later this year.

The catch card also gets some new tricks with a new “Layers” display option that highlights local content and information at the top of the card.

Snapchat map layers

Snapchat works with In the first phase of the project, choose partners like Ticketmaster and The Infatuation for more connection options for map viewing.

“The Ticketmaster level shows which concerts are coming up and who is playing at nearby venues. It starts right in the new Ticketmaster Mini, where you can buy tickets for the show. Or when you and your friends are looking for fantastic restaurants nearby the level of infatuation the best restaurants on the menu. “

This could become a big focus for local businesses depending on the target audience. The more Snapchat users switch to more lucrative demographic brackets, the more important the connection option becomes, which more brands need to consider.

A number of other tools were announced, including new camera and sticker kit tools that give developers new options, as well as an upcoming “Story Studio” app for creating and editing professional content on mobile, advanced AR tools like “Connected” Lenses “Allow users to collaborate within AR and add new visual effects to” make AR look and move more realistically than ever “.

These are some exciting developments with a lot of potential, and well worth considering where they might fit into your digital planning.

We will keep you updated on each process and option as more information is released.

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