Snapchat Launches New AR Artwork Mission Which Locations Digital ‘Monuments’ Throughout LA


In collaboration with, Snapchat has started a new digital art project The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) features five digital “monuments” in the LA area that “explore the history and representation of communities in the area.”

As you can see in the video, the new digital monuments can be viewed through the Snap camera, allowing users to immerse themselves in these expanded installations while making the projects accessible to new audiences around the world.

As explained by Snap:

“”Designed to be experienced with Snapchat camera in city locations, you can find them in places like LACMA, MacArthur Park, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park, and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Those in the area can easily discover the virtual monuments by looking for their markings on the Snap Map. ”

The new project is the latest in Snapchat’s ongoing exploration of AR as an artistic medium and a form of presentation for modern works of art.

Back in 2017, Snapchat launched its first major AR art installation project, where artists like Jeff Koons place digital sculptures in different locations for Snap users to inspect.

Snapchat has also worked with British painter Damien Hirst on a charity-inspired AR art project and launched its first joint AR art project, City Painter Carnaby Street in London late last year.

Through experiments like this, Snap offers a new way to use AR not only for novelty or playful purposes, but also to advance the medium and establish it as a real art form, and provides a platform to showcase these new works to large corporations. Scale audience. And with the growth of digital art via NFTs, this could be an important element while also enabling Snap to build a true creative culture around AR tools, rather than just maximizing basic engagement and metrics.

Through this project, Snap also wants to maximize Advocacy and representation in his art projects, and it’s another powerful example of how modern options nurture our creative abilities and provide artists with new ways to connect with new audiences.

This could be important in several ways – while also allowing Snap to stay at the forefront of the rising AR shift, which is set to gain significant momentum with the advent of AR-enabled wearables and other devices.

Snap’s work here is actually more important than many realize. For example, the next generation will only know one world where AR existed, and the next cohort of developers will increasingly be digital artists armed with AR expertise.

This will raise audience expectations about the same, and soon every art gallery will have to invest in AR tools to make expression easier.

The AR shift is going to be significant, and Snap is expected to be a significant part of it.

When you’re not in LA, you can check out Snapchat’s new digital monuments via the LACMA website.

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