Saying 15 Methods to Use Information to Interact Your Clients


We all want more data. Data helps us understand our customers what they like and what they don’t. It helps us to identify which products consumers are most interested in and which marketing campaigns are most successful.

During dates can As a powerful tool, data is only as useful as your strategy for using it.

That’s why we partnered with our teammates from Segment, the leading customer data platform, to create our latest guide: 15 ways to use data to build customer loyalty. We wanted to help you simplify the process of collecting, organizing and moving your data.

In the instructions you will find answers to questions such as:

  • What data should you track?
  • How do you involve new customers?
  • How do you encourage ongoing purchases?
  • What can you do to win back customers who have left?
  • How do you start tracking and implementing the data?

You will discover strategies to involve customers every step of their journey, examples of successful messaging, and the tools you need to get started. Ready to dive into the data? Download the guide!

Best practices: data and customer loyalty

Check that you can correctly answer the following questions about data and include your customers in the quiz below.

For more tips and best practices on using data to drive customer loyalty, see Download our guide.

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