Reddit’s Reportedly Creating its Personal Clubhouse-Like Audio Rooms Function


As Audio Social continues to grow in importance and give users more ways to stay connected, it seems that almost every platform is now considering how to do the function themselves and how it could be integrated into their app.

And Reddit may be the latest company to join this trend. According to recent reports, Reddit is currently testing its own take on audio social media with audio rooms within subreddits.

As reported by Mashable:

“Reddit quietly explores a new feature that would enable moderator voice chats, possibly similar to ClubhouseAccording to a source familiar with the company’s plan. The development is still in the early stages and has been labeled confidential. “

Mashable notes that Reddit has asked for clarification on the project, which we also have, but there is still no official confirmation of the project.

But it would make sense.

Reddit has been working on more options over the past few years to drive real-time engagement and interaction. Tools like live streaming and in-app messaging have been added to better connect users with similar interests.

Reddit even tried random group discussions that take a similar approach to Audio Social.

Last April, Reddit added a new prompt to start the chat within selected subreddits that triggered a closed group discussion when typed from up to five members at the same time from the same community.

The idea was inspired by the increasing use of Reddit’s existing chat capabilities amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, which indicated that more options were being asked for connecting with those in their favorite communities.

Audio social rooms seem like a perfect way to do this, offering Redditors a chance to improve their community connection and engagement by having real-time chats on their favorite topics and Redditors they already know and follow on the app , enter.

With Reddit’s video live streaming capacity evolving and growing in its own right, the platform already has the infrastructure to support audio streaming, much like Twitter’s Periscope back-end for its own Audio Spaces feature has used. So, it makes sense for Reddit to at least look into the option – and this could be a perfect compliment to foster engagement on the platform.

That would make Reddit the latest company to jump into the social audio trend that now includes Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as Slack, Discord, and many other separate apps and tools.

This is not good news for Clubhouse, the originator of the new trend, which is now facing a growing horde of competitors eager to take care of its audience. Many of them have much more resources and much larger networks to promote their alternative offerings.

Adding the functionality in subreddits and groups could actually be the worst case scenario for Clubhouse as these dedicated, dedicated user groups are already set up, which could allow them to be more closely aligned with the current apps of their choice rather than looking for a third party vendor for their separate audio chats.

Even so, the app says it is now worth $ 4 billion, which seems optimistic. However, the value is relative to what the market will pay – and if clubhouse can raise more money at that price, they will have more power.

But its future is far from certain, and with a new competitor popping up every week, I wouldn’t expect the clubhouse to win yet.

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