MozCon Digital 2021 Interview Collection: Wil Reynolds


Wil is the founder and Vice President for Innovation at Seer Interactive and will be back at MozCon this year with his presentation: The 3 Most Important Search Engine Marketing Tools … Your Heart, Your Brain, and Yourself [Small] ego.

Ahead of the show, which is scheduled to take place July 12-14, 2021, we spoke to Wil about the impact 2020 will have on Seer Interactive, the challenges marketers will face when analyzing data, and the key insights he will cover this year MozCon presentation.

Q: 2020 was quite a year. How has the Seer team adapted? What were some of your favorite projects?

Want: We went through all emotions 🙂

Everyone stayed mostly healthy, that was always my focus – how are our teams and their parents? The focus was on helping people cope with this time.

My favorite project was the work we did to help our customers use all of their inventory data to quickly find places to cut expenses. The fact that our data was stored for all customers made it easy to support them as they were asked pretty hard questions about budgets and how customers are changing.

Question: You have a long history of breathtaking presentations at MozCon that always include innovative ways of looking at data and strategies. What is your creative process?

Want: I read. I like to go back to psychology and how people buy. I love reading books on marketing before the web was around. How can I think differently when I read the same things as my colleagues?

I love to take books that have nothing to do with searching and apply these insights to our everyday lives. I usually finish my presentations until the last minute because I’m constantly pulling data, finding new ways to add and deliver value, then practice, practice, practice.

Question: This year you’re discussing how marketers can transform the way they think about data by accessing three tools they already have access to: the head, the heart, and their ego. What is the most important aspect that should move our MozCon viewers away from your presentation?

Want: That tools are not a competitive advantage, but we are all obsessed with “tips and tricks” and “tools” – but the best tools are your brain, your heart and your little ego.

Question: At MozCon last year, you talked about how CMOs and marketing teams can increase visibility by speaking the language of CEOs and CFOs. Will we see one of the same topics in your presentation this year?

Want: Always. I think one of the values ​​I bring is that I am trying to help us better understand how we connect our work to the way the C-suite makes decisions. They know profits, revenue, use of existing assets, ROI, customer acquisition, etc. That is a different language than rankings, canonicals, MSV, etc. I want to be a translator between the two.

Question: What do you think is the biggest challenge marketers face when analyzing data?

Want: Limitations of tools, tools have user interfaces – user interfaces are important, but you don’t get the full power of the data as it has often been preprocessed for the average customer. That limits innovation for me.

The other challenge is silly thinking. Often times we don’t think about how we could use paid data to influence technical SEO, or whether the COVID positivity rate affects SEO, or whether data can benefit local SEO. But this is my world.

After all, learning the tools to slice, combine, and visualize data is a huge hurdle.

Question: Who in the MozCon series are you looking forward to the most this year? What are you still looking forward to?

Want: I have to choose one? If I had to, it would be Ross Simmonds. When he speaks, the stuff only makes sense, but I didn’t. I always think I wish I was more like this guy. 🙂 🙂

A big thank you to Wil for his time! To learn more about Wil’s upcoming presentation, see details of our other speakers, and to purchase your ticket, please click the link below!

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