LinkedIn Supplies New Recommendations on Establishing an Efficient Strategy to Thought Management Content material [Infographic]


LinkedIn has released a new guide to help establish a more effective approach to thought leadership to increase influence and build brand relationships.

The new overview, which LinkedIn calls the flywheel of B2B thought guidance, was developed in collaboration with Edelman and is intended to provide a clear explanation of how a defined content process for thought guidance can be of strategic use.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“”Business leaders face enormous uncertainties. Organizations that offer real help and support with their content are ready to make an unforgettable impression. But “thought guidance” can feel like an ambiguous term. What is quality thought leadership? And how can B2B marketers draw the attention of leading decision-makers and executives to themselves and exert influence? “

LinkedIn has provided a more detailed breakdown of the individual steps in its “Flywheel of B2B Thought Leadership” process. However, the infographic below provides an essential summary of the key steps in the chain.

Some great pointers for your content strategy.

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