Learn how to Supercharge an Instagram Bio


I looked into Instagram captions and advanced sales strategies. However, I haven’t addressed the Instagram bios. Many companies use bios to simply indicate what they are offering. But an Instagram bio can be so much more.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can get the most out of your Instagram biography and the associated highlights.

Instagram biography

The Instagram bio is prime real estate. It’s one of the first things users see when they land on a profile.

The biography is limited to 150 characters. The screenshot of my own biography contains 148 characters. There isn’t a lot of space to convince the audience to browse your photos or to follow you.

Instagram bios are limited to 150 characters. This example from the author’s biography has 148.

First, be careful with emojis. Emojis can count as two characters. Use them wisely. Sometimes they can help, such as:

  • 👉 Here is the link
  • 👇 Check the link below,
  • ⚠️ Time sensitive sales.

To get past 150 characters, add text to your name. For example, the user @yourlightspace shown below contains her name (“Paige”) and her job (“Soulpreneur-Mentor”).

Screenshot of the biography of Instagram user @yourlightspace.

To get past 150 characters, add text to your name, as in this example from “Paige” who added “Soulpreneur Mentor”.

Additionally, the name field is searchable, so Instagrammers have a better chance of finding you.

Note that Paige’s profile contains special characters. Insert these characters using Microsoft Word:

  • Open a Word document and paste or type your bio.
  • At the point where you want to insert a special character, click Insert> Extended Symbol.
  • Add the symbols of your choice.
  • Copy your bio from Word and paste it into your Instagram bio.

These special characters are only one character long and may be a better fit for your brand than an emoji.

Once you’ve written and uploaded your bio, add highlights to it.


Instagram Highlights are a collection of the 24-hour stories that a user has posted and archived on her profile. They appear just below the bio. Note the highlights screenshot below from user @sociallandstuff, a social media coach.

This user placed highlights strategically according to the priorities of their ideal prospects – “Start here”, “Customer love”, “Services” and “Weekly questions and answers”.

“Start Here” is likely listed as the second highlight, as she recently updated “Customer Love” or added a story. Otherwise “start here” would be first. Every time you add or archive a story to a highlights section, it moves to the first position.

Screenshot of the Instagram highlights for the user @sociallandstuff.

The user @sociallandstuff placed the highlights strategically according to the priorities of their ideal prospects – “Start Here”, “Client Love”, “Services” and “Weekly Q&A”.

Expand your bio

Instagram only allows one link in the bio. Knowing which to include is difficult, but there are tools to help you.

Look at the @thehomecakerycoach user below.

Screenshot of @thehomecakerycoach's Instagram bio page.

User @@ thehomecakerycoach has added the URL “linktr.ee/thehomecakerycoach” to their biography, which links to a page with many other URLs.

A click on “linktr.ee/thehomecakerycoach” opens a page with four goals.

Screenshot of the

After clicking, “linktr.ee/thehomecakerycoach” opens a page with four additional URLs.

Bio-Link tools give new and returning Instagramers a chance to go to the page that suits their needs. My favorite link tools are:

  • Linktr.ee,
  • ContactinBio,
  • Rebrandly.com/linkgallery.

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