Instagram Provides New ‘Pronouns’ Possibility on Consumer Profiles to Maximize Inclusion


Instagram added a new Pronouns option to User Profiles that allows users to choose up to four pronouns so users know how to refer to them in interactions.

As you can see here, the new option is listed in your profile settings. Just choose Edit Profile> Pronouns and enter the identifiers you choose.

Instagram has a number of pronoun options that appear in the window as you type in the terms you selected. Users can edit or remove their selected pronouns at any time. You can also choose to show your pronoun list to everyone or just your followers in the app.

It’s a great addition to Instagram, adding to its broader drive to maximize inclusion and ensure that all users are free to portray themselves on the platform as they see fit.

This movement is becoming increasingly important in the broader social media sphere. LinkedIn also recently added pronoun lists to its user profiles, while Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has had pronoun options available in their user viewing tools since 2014, though they have come a long way.

For many, the addition doesn’t affect the way they use the app. However, for those to whom it is relevant, it is an extremely important update and goes a long way in helping validate their identities and improve their interactions based on their Insta profile.

The update is now available in the latest version of the app.

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