Instagram Checks New ‘Reshare’ Sticker to Higher Spotlight Feed Posts Re-Shared to Tales


For the past few months, Instagram has been working on solving a key issue that not all users think is a current issue: retargeting feed posts on Instagram Stories.

Lots and lots of people and brands do this by posting an update on the main feed and then giving it a little more juice by adding the same picture as a story. It happens so often that you’re probably used to it – but Instagram says a lot of users don’t like this type of re-sharing because the duplication between the two surfaces can be a little too much.

Back in January, Instagram took its first steps to fix this by preventing some users from fully submitting feed posts to Stories, which received mixed feedback.

Instagram tempered its approach with another new test back in March that added labels on stories posts reposted from a user’s main feed.

And it seems that Instagram is still working on the best solution – this week the app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered this new test, in which a new “Reshare” sticker was added in Instagram Stories, which allows the re-sharing of feed posts facilitated .

Instagram reshare

Instagram has been working on the Reshare sticker for the past few weeks, and Paluzzi first noted it in the app’s code early last month.

Instagram Reshare Stickers

How your feed post will then appear in your story is not clear. However, the process essentially aims to make it clearer that this is a re-approved feed post as opposed to an original story. This could deter people from sharing their feed updates again – because as mentioned earlier, Instagram really doesn’t want users to do this.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently noticed exactly this – in one of his last question and answer sessions on Friday, Mosseri published this answer.

Adam Mosseri on Instagram Stories

It’s hard to say how many users are actually upset about this, but Instagram itself clearly sees this as a problem. This could result in further restricting such sharing in the future or reducing the reach of stories that cause it (possibly by moving them in the order they appear in the app).

Either way, Instagram is clearly still working on fixing this and this could be a consideration for your future Instagram strategy depending on how you see it.

Additionally, Paluzzi noted that Instagram is working on a new scheduling option for IG Live broadcasts.

Instagram live scheduling

This could be a great way to increase engagement with your IG Live broadcasts, and Instagram also recently added audio-only live streams to capitalize on the “audio social” trend in the clubhouse which makes this a more valuable consideration could make your platform strategy broader.

Some interesting experiments to watch either way.

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