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Quiz maker tutorials step by step.

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How Questions work in ClassMarker

  • All Questions you add to your account will reside in your 'Question Bank'.
  • You can edit Questions at any time and changes will be seen immediately.
  • Your Tests will reference their Questions from your Question bank.
  • Questions can be re-used across multiple Tests.
  • You can add new Questions directly to your Questions bank OR when adding new Questions to your Tests, these Questions are automatically added to your Question bank for you.

Adding new Questions to your Test:

  1. Go to your Tests page, then open the row for your Test and select 'Edit'. Screenshot
  2. Now, on the Edit Test page, hover over the Add Questions button and select 'Add new question'. Screenshot
  3. Select your Question type; Multiple Choice, True / False, Matching, Free Text, Grammar, or Essay. Screenshot
  4. Enter your Question; You can format your text by using the Rich Text Editor and also add Documents, Images, Audio and Video files to your Question. Screenshot
  5. Enter your answer options and remember to select 'This answer option is correct'. Screenshot
  6. Optionally choose to include Correct or Incorrect feedback. Screenshot
  7. Before saving you also have the ability to Categorize your Question. More about Categories can be found here.

    Set the points for your Question and also choose whether you want your answers to appear in randomized order.

    Finally, when you're happy with all your Question Settings, select 'Save'.

  8. Congratulations! Your Question has been saved and is available to view on your Test. Screenshot