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IP Restriction

Restrict access to your account and quizzes by IP Address for:

  • Assistants when they log in.
  • Group Members when they log in.
  • Links when exams are started.
  • Each page request is checked against your IP Restrictions. If a Users Approved IP Address changes, they will be logged out if their new IP Address is not allowed.
  • Updating IP Restrictions or IP Blocks will not Log out Users who are already Logged in or Taking Exams.

How to set up IP Restriction.

  1. From the My Account menu, select the 'IP Restrictions' option. Screenshot
  2. Select the 'IP Block Tab' and then click the 'New IP Block' Button. Screenshot
  3. Now add a reference name for your new IP Block, and add in a list of IP Addresses. Screenshot
  4. You can choose to Allow or Disallow users from these IP Addresses.

Once you have saved your IP Block, you can click back to the IP Restrictions page to start applying IP restrictions to sections of your account.