Instagram Offers Useful Navigation Tricks to Streamline Your Utilization of the App


This could be a handy reminder or new information for those who are not aware of the full functionality of Instagram’s user interface.

Today Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri shared a number of tips Using the various navigation shortcuts in the app.

This week I’m sharing some of the more thoughtful design details in the app: long press the browse tab to find, double tap the profile tab to switch accounts, press and hold a story to pause it – how to use You stories without this one ?? – and other. # ThisWeekOnInstagram

– Adam Mosseri ???? (@mosseri) April 8, 2021

The links described in the video clip are as follows:

  • Tap the home icon to return to the beginning of your main feed
  • Instead of tapping the Browse tab, press and hold the search icon to do a keyword search
  • Double tap the Profile tab to quickly switch accounts
  • Tap and hold to pause stories
  • On the thumbnail, click by pressing and holding on Posts in the Browse tab

These aren’t new features, but it is a good reminder of these various shortcut features that will both optimize your own use of Instagram and make your friends feel like they are up to date.

The latest of these features, as Mosseri notes, is the option to switch accounts by double-tapping the profile picture, which Instagram added late last year. This can be useful for those who regularly post to multiple accounts – which is especially relevant for social media managers.

Just don’t post your personal updates to your branded account. Always check the profile icon before posting.

As mentioned earlier, the video clip is a handy reminder of some helpful in-app tools that can be beneficial to your process.

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