Shopalong Assessment 2021: Is Shopalong Legit?


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Shopalong is a fun platform that lets you make $ 5 to $ 50 in your spare time to do small tasks. However, the shop-along jobs are not regular, and you cannot rely on this platform alone as your regular side appearance.


  • Earn $ 5 to $ 50 the next time you shop the app
  • Complete tasks on iOS or Android app
  • Processes payments within 24 hours
  • Fast tasks in a few minutes


  • App is buggy
  • Sporadic tasks


BrandedSurveys logo

Average of $ 0.50 to $ 3 per survey

The average survey duration is 15 minutes


Swagbucks logo

Life points

LifePoints logo

Earn up to $ 20 a month

15 minutes to complete a survey

Minimum withdrawal threshold of $ 5

If you’re looking for a side gig, you might have thought about Shopalong but have concerns about making money.

In our Shopalong review, we’ll examine the pros and cons of this platform so you can make an informed decision.

Is Shopalong Legit?

Shopalong has been around since 2006. The BBB doesn’t accredit it, but it does A rating on this platform. Shopalong has a good reputation in the online survey community. Unfortunately, there have been complaints about payment delays.

However, Shopalong has a lot of dedicated users who are quick to praise the platform. During our Sholalong review, we confirmed that they are legitimate. If you want to take part in fun surveys to make a little extra cash, this might be exactly what you are looking for.

How does Shopalong work?

Businesses turn to Shopalong to collect research data from their extensive user base. Every company in the world is interested in market research data. This can help them make better marketing and product development decisions.

Users give honest opinions that provide valuable insights to partner companies, and they receive rewards for their efforts. Shopalong works with some excellent partner companies. The list includes Google, Clorox, Old Navy, Proctor and Gamble, Lowes, Microsoft, Walmart, Coca Cola and many others.

In fact, Shopalong even has a testimonial from Google on its homepage that praises it for its “innovative research and relevant findings”.

What is the Shopalong login process?

How to start earning at Shopalong

Visit the Shopalong website and you will see the “Sign In” button. Click on it to register for your new account. However, if you want to access every task, you need to download the Shopalong app. This can be done either in the iTunes App Store or in the Google Store, depending on the operating system of your mobile device.

A short form must be completed on the website’s homepage. The information required includes gender, age, residence and your relevant contact information. After completing and submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email to verify your new account.

Once that arrives, click on it to see if you qualify for this survey and take the opportunity. This option is only available to US residents at the time of writing this Shopalong review.

You can log into Shopalong here

How many Shopalong Points are worth?

Shopalong does not use a point system. The rewards are in dollars and this makes it easy to keep track of your earnings.

How Much Can You Earn With Shopalong Online Surveys?

Collect points on Shopalong

The various tasks typically vary in length and complexity. The money you make reflects this. Most of the tasks involve creating a shopping list. You may need to take some pictures of products you have purchased or release the receipts.

Another common task is to take a quick survey or poll based on a specific shopping experience. The tasks are usually more common at major events and holidays. Examples are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and others.

Shopalong users can earn cash for every successful task they complete. It’s possible to earn anywhere from $ 5 to $ 50. It depends on the number of tasks you need to complete and how complex they are.

That sounds like a significant reward, and when you think about it, for the most part, it’s not too much of a departure from normal shopping activity. The only downside is that the tasks aren’t as common as you’d like. This makes it less attractive as a dedicated side gig.

Shopalong users will only receive rewards after completing the full task. Partial completion is just inadequate and there are no rewards for sorting out. So it’s all or nothing.

However, if you enjoy shopping and sharing pictures of what you’ve bought, and you don’t mind doing fun polls and polls, this could be a good solution.

What are the other ways to make money from Shopalong?

Budget tracker

The Shopalong app includes a handy budget tracker for specific tasks so you know how much money you’re spending on a shopping spree.

After you’ve finished shopping, they’ll send you a personalized report on what you’ve bought and how it compares to other members of the community. The opinions you share with other people help retailers and manufacturers further shape and improve your shopping experience.

While technically not an opportunity to make money, this process will help you improve your shopping skills, find more deals, and hunt for the best deals to save you money in the long run.

How do I redeem points with Shopalong?

How to get paid at Shopalong


During our Shopalong review, we confirmed that there is no minimum withdrawal threshold on the platform. This means that users can access their earnings at all times, which is rare on most survey platforms. Payments are made directly to the user’s PayPal account and the balance is usually settled in less than 24 hours.

Gift cards

Alternatively, Shopalong users can transfer their earnings to an Amazon e-gift card. This process is virtually instantaneous, and again, there is no minimum withdrawal threshold to worry about.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Shopalong?


  • No-Points-System: Shopalong only pays its users in dollars, there are no cumbersome points to keep track of, and this makes it easy to track revenue
  • No minimum payout: There is no minimum payout threshold and users can access their earnings at any time
  • Generous Rewards: The reward structure is pretty generous, and some people make an average of $ 20-25
  • Good customer service: the customer service is very good, they even answer queries on google which is pretty rare
  • Fun: The tasks are easy and fun, and all are related to shopping
  • Quick Tasks: Each task doesn’t take up too much time and there is no pressure to buy something out of the ordinary


  • Some Tasks: The tasks can be sporadic so you can’t rely on Shopalong as a regular side appearance
  • Payment Difficulties: Some Shopalong review comments highlight complaints about difficulties in collecting their revenue
  • Buggy app: The Shopalong app can be faulty and needs to be updated

Is Shopalong worth it?

If you enjoy shopping and sharing your shopping experiences, you will likely enjoy Shopalong. The app is serviceable but can occasionally be buggy and will likely need an update to achieve its full potential.

Shopalong users are sure to get a bit of a stir when they shop and earn money at the same time. The reward structure is quite generous considering that you only get a few tasks to do on top of your regular shopping trips. However, the shop-along jobs are not regular, and you cannot rely on this platform alone as your regular side appearance.

This is pretty typical of most online survey platforms, and a lot of people mix and match them to maximize their earning potential. Hopefully this Shopalong review has proven that this is a legitimate opportunity to make money shopping and a lot of people are loving the platform.

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How do I contact Shopalong customer service?

There is a contact form and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Is Shopalong free?

Yes, Shopalong is free to join and use for free.

Can you fill out Shopalong surveys with the mobile app?

Yes, the Shopalong app works with iOS and Android devices.

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