Asserting the 2021 E mail Deliverability Information


Email is not a solution to set and forget. Ongoing maintenance and optimization are required to be successful. The deliverability factors are constantly evolving. This means you’ll have to adapt to keep your emails landing in your inbox.

That’s why we update and publish a new version of this guide every year to bring you the latest and greatest advice on email deliverability, best practices, changes, and important considerations.

Introducing the 2021 Email Deliverability Guide!

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital advancement for companies large and small by years. As COVID-19 numbers decline and the spread of vaccines increases, we are gradually beginning to see the real face of the new normal. And this new normal includes more touchless checkouts, digital receipts, online communication, and the like.

More than ever, customers are looking for personalized emails and transactional messages in their inboxes – and that too need Your messages arrive.

The ball is in your field.

Our email experts have made major updates to the organization of this year’s edition to help you customize it and keep your deliverability in perfect working order. In the past we have Really We believe that the user experience will have a bigger impact on your deliverability.

The following has changed in the 2021 edition:

  • Reorganized content to prioritize user experience
  • COVID-19 specific resources
  • Information you need to understand your sending metrics
  • Important update on blacklist trends
  • Updates to email and SMS policy
  • Section on A / B testing
  • List of our favorite email deliverability tools
  • And more

The focus on the user experience in 2021

Recipient engagement is one of the most important signals that affects your sender’s reputation.

Yes, infrastructure and authentication are important – but first-class desired e-mails are processed and appealing e-mails are delivered.

“Email deliverability is largely self-sufficient,” said Dale Langley, consultant for deliverability at Twilio SendGrid. “When you’re sending content that your audience wants and finds interesting, the algorithms learn that your email should be sent to their inbox.”

“When you send unsolicited e-mail that does not deliver any value, your recipients behave passively or negatively, and the algorithms that control the filtering learn to send your e-mail to the junk folder. Of course, other factors contribute to the success of email, but at the end of the day, sending emails that people love will be successful. “

Email customers love makes it to the inbox – it’s that simple.

This year’s edition of the guide gives you even more practical advice on how to give your recipients’ inboxes a better email experience.

Make deliverability a priority in 2021

The delivery of emails is an ever-changing part of your program. Let’s help keep it in tip top shape.

We make sure you have all the resources, advice, and expertise you need to keep delivering a great experience to your customers.

Download the 2021 Email Deliverability Guide now for exactly how to get to the inbox going forward.

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