30 artistic cash present concepts (for Christmas and all events)


INSIDE: Wondering how to give away money and make your gesture look thoughtful? Check out this list of cute money gift ideas! Easy for Christmas and all occasions!

Sometimes the best gift is money. But if you’re even like me, don’t always just slide cash into a card and sign your name. It’s so boring to put a $ 20 bill in a card!

I went on the internet to see what I could find or create myself to turn around financial gifts in funny, thoughtful gifts. I tracked down some ideas here – and even included some of my own money gift ideas. Decision to Give money can even be part of a creative way of teaching money to kids.

Some of the pictures show a special gift idea for a graduation fee, but with a few changes to the wording or colors you can use them for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Mother’s Day Fathers day … whenever you want to give someone money!

Pro Tip: Lots of these fun ideas work well for teens because when it comes to gifts, money is usually high on their list. And let’s face it, this is easier than trying to find them something they want!


Giving someone cash for Christmas can feel impersonal … but you can still create a thoughtful gift with these DIY gift ideas that will let the recipient know how much you’ve thought of them.

how to give money as a gift - play-doh

Who doesn’t love one small “dough” as a gift?! This is a cute gift for stockings.

This adorable money tree doubles as a Christmas present and decoration. (Source: Then She Made)

Use a mason jar to create a waterless “snow globe” and give away a gift card. (Source: Organize Your Things Now)

Here’s a clever way to give away a smaller cash gift: wrap a roll of coins to look like a sweet treat! (Source: Martha Stewart)


Most gift recipients love a good surprise. Here are some creative ways to give someone a cash gift – it doesn’t seem like it at first glance.how to give money as a gift - colored pencils

What a sneaky way of giving money to a child! Take a box of colored pencils and wrap each one with a dollar bill. Add a coloring book to the package and they have no idea they are getting money – until they open the box! (Source: Nail polish)Money gift ideas - balloons

Another fun idea for kids: Money balloons! Pop the balloons and ask for the money inside.

fortune cookies are super easy to do and so much fun! Add your own Money gift message.Money Gift Ideas - Candy Box

Who said boxes of chocolates are only for Valentine’s Day? A creative money gift idea for Christmas, graduation, or birthday is one empty chocolate box – filled with cash!


These money gift ideas are all about a unique, eye-catching presentation.

This is a cake that won’t add calories to your diet! Get the instructions for how to make a money cake (It’s easier than you think).

This fun money gift idea will get the recipient to get the money! (Wouldn’t this be the perfect graduation gift idea? !!) (Courtesy idea of Runt the web)

There is nothing better than “hard cash!” Isn’t that a fun money gift idea?!? You will likely want to put the money in a plastic bag before freezing it! (Courtesy of ShortStopBlog)how to give money as a gift - wreath

Would you like to know how to give away money? Make a wreath of dollar bills! You can roll dollars (like Fun in the square tells how to do it) or folds them (as Stuck at home did it). Either way, it’s fun to give some money!

A Piggy bank – It is the gift that gives invoice for invoice!

How to give money as a gift – you make them work for it! With a money maze box, they can use their brains before they get cash or a gift card. Order HERE.

Grab a bottle and make one Money soda!

Money and candy bottles Work for everyone !! This is a simple craft that can be made in large quantities during the holiday season, whether you need something for teenage nieces and nephews or everyone else People to whom you would like to give tips at the end of the year.Money gift ideas - origami

Get your crease open by making all kinds of origami shapes out of invoices! Get an Origami Book and Get Creative – Order here!

Is Dollar Bill Origami Folding Too Much For You? Give them one Money book!


Combine your packaging with a little word game to make someone laugh along with their money!how to give money as a gift - pizza

Don’t get rid of that pizza box – here is a creative way to make a “money pizza” Create memories with your children.

Don’t blow everything in one place! A clever gift idea to give money to almost anyone! Get the instructions from Good housekeeping.

This is a smart gift idea! Break the window in an emergency! No creative skills required to do this!

Another really cute money gift idea is this money lightbulb. The future looks good! (above Good housekeeping)


Here are a handful of graduation gift ideas.Money gift ideas - water bottle

College students need vending and laundry quarters, so this one Water bottle full of quarters would make a great graduation gift!

Do one Money lei! Your graduates may not get a trip to Hawaii … but at least they will feel like they are carrying this creative idea!

What better graduation gift than a box of Dollar Diplomas! (above STL shipping)how to give money as a gift - money chain

Make a fun necklace as a Graduation gift!

A … create Money notepad for the degree or a birthday!

A perfect gift for mom

A few ideas for Mother’s Day can take longer than a traditional bouquet …

Flowers always make someone feel special – especially when they sprout bills!how to give money as a gift - money tree

A nice idea to give mom some money is to make a money tree topiary! You can get the instructions at Sugar bees handicraft.

How to give money as a wedding gift

For a very special occasion like a wedding, anniversary or retirement, you should check out this money rosette show stopper!

Published in April 2019. Updated in December 2020.

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