Quarantine Staycation Concepts for the Complete Household


INSIDE: Traveling at the moment is the box. There are usually too many restrictions in place to really enjoy yourself. So give these quarantine stay ideas a try so you can create some more family memories.

Even if the pandemic has brought most trips to a standstill forever, you can still plan and “take” a relaxing and fun family vacation. Yes, your shared downtime will be a little different this year, but you and your family can create wonderful memories of being in quarantine.

Quarantine is vacationing close to home rather than flying across the country. Instead of going elsewhere, you bring the vacation home (even as close as your garden) and explore nearby sites and attractions.

How to take up the idea of ​​being in quarantine (even if you’re crazy about it)

I understand: you would probably prefer to travel rather than stay at home. They think, “What is a vacation when we have nowhere to go?”

So the trick in planning an amazing quarantine stay is Not focus on the fact that you can’t fly anywhere or go on a multi-day road trip … and instead really identify the aspects of a vacation that make you happiest.

Does it spend time with people you love?

Is it learning about new cultures and trying new foods?

Is it in nature to enjoy that? fresh airand pull the plug for a while?

Once you know what to look for, you can find ways to bring that experience closer to your home.

Planning ahead for your stay is key

Don’t wander into your stay without a plan, or your vacation time could resemble a normal old day.

If you usually go to the beach on vacation, plan a tropical getaway with lounge chairs and virgin (or not!) Margaritas. Borrow or buy the supplies you need to accomplish this. If you’re craving a day at the spa, spend your time in fluffy robes and check out the drugstore for homemade facials and manicures. The goal is to have a loose structure so that you can treat your stay as a vacation instead of getting back to your daily chores.

Just as you would prepare for a vacation, you should prepare for your stay. This means clearing your schedule, cleaning the house, and paying your bills before your vacation begins. If you plan on barbecuing or camping in the back yard, pack all the supplies you will need to make it happen. The goal is to get rid of all the stresses and strains of everyday life so that you can focus on relaxing and having fun.

Here are some ideas on how to plan a stay.

Creative quarantine staycation ideas

There are tons of themes that you can use to plan a creative stay. Think again about the regular vacations you enjoy taking, then put them in a staycation format. Here are a few relaxing overnight ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Culinary stay

If your favorite part of traveling is enjoying new foods, bring the dining experience home with you. What new foods would you like to discover? Would you like to get to know Italian cuisine, experience the taste of Thailand or combine it with a new culinary destination at every meal? Enjoy a weekend cooking or just relax and order. Set your table according to your culinary theme and take the time to really enjoy the meals. Play traditional local music while you eat for added ambience.

Staycation film festival

Do you want to relax, unwind and be entertained? Why not plan a visit to the film festival? Grab your coziest blanket, favorite snack, and make a list of the movies you’ve been too busy for. Make a “film festival schedule” and spend a weekend in front of the TV.

Same goes for the streaming series everyone else has seen – plan on seeing the entire show during your stay.

Yoga staycation

If you were planning on going on a yoga retreat, turn your home into a yoga retreat instead. Create your own garden oasis, grab your yoga mat, and stream a yoga class online. Wear your most comfortable yoga clothes (maybe buy new ones) and make a concerted effort to pull the plug all the way out. Get luxurious scented candles so you can relax in your practice.

Staycation ideas for kids

If you are looking for funny things To keep your kids happy and busy during the spring break or summer break, here are some fun ideas (and they are probably cheaper than sending them to camp for a week)!

Camping Staycation

If you enjoy being outside with your kids, plan a fun camping trip. You can book a spot at a local campsite or bring the campsite to your garden. Prepare firewood and plan to cook hot dogs and marshmallows around the campfire. Put up a tent in the back yard and tell ghost stories under the stars. The best thing about camping at home is that you can pack less, spend less time in a cramped car, and order takeaway at your favorite restaurant when that campfire hot dog isn’t your thing.

Hiking stay

If you and your family are enjoying an active vacation that includes hiking, biking, or adventure sports, plan the same thing – just a little closer to home. Before your stay begins, choose some hiking trails, prepare your backpack, and plan a few day trips to a local, state, or national park. Buy some fun snacks to enjoy when you get to the top of the mountain. Bring your camera and act like a tourist.

Pro tip: National parks and many state parks charge entrance fees. If you think you will be visiting another park in the next year, it is often cheaper to buy the annual pass.

Stay on the beach theme

Bring the beach to you. Depending on the weather, you can fill a children’s pool, lay out your beach towel and enjoy a good book in the sun. You can keep your kids entertained with fun beach activities like badminton, kite flying, or a scavenger hunt in the backyard. If it’s too cold to go outside, bring the fun inside. Visit a local aquarium or take a virtual tour of one. Wear your favorite beach clothes inside, grab a tropical drink (complete with a tiny umbrella) and put on your favorite beach movie to add ambiance to your space. Don’t forget your sunscreen – even if it’s just for that iconic smell.

Benefits of staying in quarantine

A stay may not be what you wanted it to be, but it can be a lot of fun. Spend some time figuring out your favorite ideas for where to stay and then make it happen.

Also, focus on the positive! There are some serious benefits to staying near home. Going for a hike or camping in your yard is much cheaper than flying anywhere. Not to mention, there’s a lot less packaging and no possibility of jet lag.

Try to hug where you are and use your time there to enjoy the things that make you and your family the happiest.

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– From Jessica Martel

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