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Cure brain tumor is the leading brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness organization in Australia with the goal of uniting the community to improve brain cancer survival and quality of life.

The patient-oriented organization forges global collaborations, funds innovative research and brings world-class clinical studies to Australia to give children and adults with brain cancer faster access to new treatments. It depends a lot on it Email Marketing to raise funds, engage his community and promote his events. Moving to Campaign Monitor and completing a key integration with Salesforce helped achieve many mission-critical goals for nonprofits:

  • A major campaign raised $ 1.6 million (AUD)
  • Reduced the number of event registrants who did not raise funds by 90%
  • Near real-time engagement from subscribers

Find the right match

One of Cure Brain Cancer’s biggest initiatives to raise awareness and raise funds for research is the annual Walk4BrainCancer event. What began as an individual walk in Sydney in 2003 quickly developed into a nationwide phenomenon with over 10,000 participants per year.

From recruiting registrants to encouraging attendees to thanking fundraisers, email plays an essential role in any communication throughout the event cycle. Since then they have been doing Switch from Mailchimp to Campaign MonitorEmail has become easier and more effective when campaigning for this big event.

When making the decision to switch email service provider, Cure Brain Cancer considered several factors in choosing Campaign Monitor:

“It was all very manual with the platform we were using before,” said Alex Dobbing, director of fundraising and development. “There was no automation triggered that drove our subscribers to keep engaging. We wanted to get smarter and make the most of building our community. “

With a new, more powerful tool, the non-profit organization was able to increase the frequency, precision and relevance of its email campaigns for the Walk4BrainCancer event. A more intuitive user interface made composing emails faster than ever, like these powerful case study emails:

And more automated customer trips and triggered email meant messages were more personal and sent right at the most convenient time to get subscribers to act.

Email went a long way in helping the organization achieve the fundraising goal for the latest edition of Walk4BrainCancer, surpassing the $ 1.5 million goal with $ 1.65 million!

“Email is by far the best channel for us. This way we can easily access our database and give them all the information they need, ”said Dobbing.

Virtual event, tangible success

Like many nonprofits that rely heavily on large events to accomplish their mission, Cure Brain Cancer has had to adjust its strategy and get creative in the face of COVID-19.

A number of large gatherings were out of the question under the circumstances. Instead, a virtual event was held where participants were invited to walk at their own time and at their own pace.

Example of an email for charitable events

While this meant that the organization no longer had to plan and orchestrate multiple large-scale events, it brought challenges of its own. Cure Brain Cancer wanted to retain that sense of excitement, energy, and community that came with being together while walking for a cause.

“Because it’s virtual, we have to shape the community a little differently,” said Dobbing. “We use the word ‘you’ much more often. It’s definitely about people still feeling included and part of something bigger. This can be pretty tricky when it’s a virtual campaign. Because of this, we send more emails, but we also wanted to be a little bit smarter with our travels and the way we automate engagement. “

Thanks to this adjustment, the organization has turned a major obstacle into a new opportunity. The communications team is now able to recruit and engage participants who otherwise would not or would not be able to attend a physical event.

“Obviously we will never have a single physical event that everyone can participate in. Australia is huge,” said Dobbing. “Having a virtual aspect means that we have that option for them no matter where they are or if they won’t be able to attend physical events in the future. The community has really gathered behind us and we’ve raised nearly $ 1.6 million in just a few months with the help of emails! “

Email works better when the technology works well

The campaign monitor is rated the best Integration of Salesforce Email Marketing Optimizes email production for Cure Brain Cancer and makes every email more impactful.

The integration of these two powerful tools gives Cure Brain Cancer a number of powerful features including:

  • Easily create beautiful branded email campaigns with Campaign Monitor Drag and drop email builder
  • Send targeted email campaigns to your contacts in Salesforce
  • Measure how email campaigns encourage donations and event registrations
  • View email statistics right in Salesforce
  • Map the Campaign Monitor email fields with Salesforce
  • Add subscribers automatically

The integration speeds up email creation and campaign setup, and reduces the risk of human error. Since the platforms communicate seamlessly and transfer data back and forth, the event and communication teams can continue to focus on being creative and strategic.

Dobbing’s integration is set to sync every hour, so nonprofits can send timely, highly personalized messages in near real time.

“Especially for our events, this means that we can publish our communication very promptly,” she said. “If someone registered for an event before the integration, they may not receive an email until the next day. That’s just not the type of service we want to offer – we mean to say Thank you for subscribing. Welcome, here is what you need to do next immediately after you have signed up. “

An increased trip translates into sky-high engagement rates

Thanks to the Salesforce integration, Cure Brain Cancer created a cross-channel participant journey for Walk4BrainCancer that generates amazing engagement rates.

The complex experience includes a multi-touch email series, invitations to join social media communities, reminders and fundraising tools, zoom backgrounds, Facebook frames, fundraising incentives, and much more.

Example of a nonprofit subscriber trip

The result: the number of inactive registrants fell. Almost every person who signed up for the event raised some money for the cause.

“The commitment has increased,” said Dobbing. “This year fewer than 10 people signed up and didn’t collect anything from 5000 registrants, usually a few hundred! And people raised more money overall per participant. “

Wrap up

We are honored to work with nonprofits that make a difference around the world, like the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. Learn more about their mission and work on your websiteand are considering contributing, volunteering, or registering for an event.

For more inspiring case studies, see non-profit email marketing here.

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