Most U.S. entrepreneurs able to stop in final 12 months


A staggering 59% of US marketers considered resigning at least once in the past year, while 79% identified the pandemic as the toughest phase of their careers.

These are the most sobering statistics in a new survey of 400 marketers carried out by Advanis for the digital experience platform Sitecore. The reasons for the statistics are not difficult to find: 80% said their responsibilities increased significantly over the past year amid management pressures, unrealistic deadlines, and major policy changes.

The capricious consumer. Interestingly, marketers also feel pressured by changes in consumer behavior. Based on a sample of 1,000 consumers, the survey found that as many as 70% of consumers leave a website if they can’t find what they want in just a few clicks. 65% have been less patient with poor online experiences since the pandemic, and 42% say they were less brand-loyal over the same period.

The result of all that pressure and activity wasn’t entirely negative: 81% of marketers felt that digital transformation had brought them closer to their customers.

Why we care. We are perhaps too close to the events of 2020 to fully assess their impact on the work environment and career paths. We still struggle to understand the enormous health implications. There have been many stories about digital transformation, and the adoption of digital collaboration and engagement from marketing and other business teams is sure to have long-term benefits. But there was a human cost along the way.

This story first appeared on MarTech Today.

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