How one can Use Terapeak for eBay 2021


You can use the Terapeak research tool to guess if a product is selling on eBay.

eBay took over Terapeak in 2017, integrated the analysis tool into its seller hub and finally made the use of the product research function free of charge. eBay sellers can search for individual products or product categories, find out sales rates, average prices, shipping costs and more.

Terapeak search

Using Terapeak begins with a simple search for keywords, a Universal Product Code (UPC), an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), a part number, or the like.

Terapeak can achieve sales results for up to a year.

The Terapeak product research tool allows you to search for products on eBay’s various global marketplaces.


There are several ways to filter the results. First there is the time domain, e.g. B. a custom date range of up to a year.

Users can also filter on marketplaces like or

Depending on the product, you can also filter by condition (i.e. new or used), sales format, price range, and location of the buyer or seller.

Screen shot of Terapeak search results.

Users can filter the result set by focusing only on auction results, for example.


Terapeak returns two sets of results: items sold in the specified time period and active offers.

Screen shot of Terapeak search results.

Terapeak tracks eight metrics for items sold.

For the items sold, the results include a summary of eight metrics. Each will be relative to the selected time frame. So if you’re looking for 90 days worth of sales, the metric will reflect those 90 days.

  • Average selling price. The average sales price for individual items in your result set, excluding shipping costs. Once you’ve looked up a specific product, this metric can be very telling. However, searching for a category might not necessarily indicate how much you can get for your item.
  • Sold price range. The lowest and highest sales price in the result set. Again, the metric is more valuable when a specific product is displayed than when searching for an entire category.
  • Average Shipping. The average amount buyers pay for shipping, excluding deals that offer free shipping. It’s a good indication of what a particular product will cost to ship.
  • Free Shipping. The percentage of items sold that includes free shipping. It can indicate whether you need to offer free shipping in order to be competitive on a specific product or category.

Screen shot of Terapeak search results.

The shipping information in Terapeak can help you decide whether to include a free shipping offer on your listing.

  • Total sold. The total number of matching products sold for the specified time period. While this is not a measure of demand, it can be used in combination with the sell-though metric (below) to measure how much competition you may have.
  • Sell-through. The percentage of similar items sold during the specified time period. If the sales rate is 10 percent and the total sales rate is 100, you can assume there are about 1,000 similar products listed. Sell-through can also show product speed and determine, for example, whether you should list an item multiple times. Note that when looking at a year worth of data, the sales rate does not appear.
  • Sellers overall. How many eBay sellers have similar items listed in the period shown? This is an indication of the competition your listing will face.
  • Total sales. The income from all items sold. It can indicate the size of the market for your product or category on eBay.

In addition to the metrics, users can also access graphs showing sales trends for the result set and each individual item sold to review listing details such as photography and keywords.

Screenshot of a diagram in Terapeak.

Terapeak includes a number of graphs that can be used to identify price developments.

The active list result set contains five metrics. Four are similar to metrics for items sold with the same basic meaning:

  • Average list price,
  • Listing price range,
  • Average shipping,
  • Free Shipping.

The Sponsored Entries metric only applies to active entries. It shows the percentage of active listings that are being advertised.

The results of the active listing give insights into the competition.

Screenshot of the search results in Terapeak.

The results for active entries contain five metrics.

To use

There are several ways to use the Terapeak product research tool.

For example, imagine you work for an omnichannel retail chain and your job is to maximize revenue from clearance items. With Terapeak you can decide whether eBay is a potential channel for your products.

Or say you are an established eBay store thinking of adding a new product, maybe Bronze Age collectible comics. You can use Terapeak to decide whether to sell through auctions or a fixed price. From February 11, 2021 through May 11, 2021, Bronze Age Marvel Comics had an overall sales rate of 43.27 percent – fixed price sales had a sales rate of 59.99 percent versus 29.75 percent at auctions.

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