How do I enhance push notifications CTR?


Push notifications have higher click rates than other interaction channels such as email, SMS, etc.

Focus on the following pointers to increase the click-through rate of your push campaigns.

  • Integrate rich media with your push notifications. Use clear and relevant large notification images.
  • Include the Click-to-Action (CTA) button in your copy of the push notifications. Use powerful words that arouse emotions in your customers. For example, hurry up, buy now, read now, explore now, go on sale, etc.
  • Optimize your push title and description. Choose meaningful words and keep them as short as possible.
  • Send the push notifications at the right time for your users. Select the times when your users are most active on their devices.
  • Keep the frequency of push notifications to an optimized number. The lower frequency of push notifications may not result in continued engagement. And the very high frequency of push notifications can result in a poor user experience.
  • Address the right target group for your push campaign. The relevance of push notifications and the targeted users play a decisive role in the conversion rate.
  • Automate your push notifications with the RSS-to-Push function. The automated campaigns save a lot of time for the manual creation of the campaigns. Additionally, automated engagement ensures a smooth process to drive traffic to your website and get more conversions.

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