High Classes From Style Manufacturers That Create Runway-Worthy Emails


Vaccination cards are on display and people are stepping out just in time for summer! After a full year in sweatpants at home, people are ready to update their wardrobes for spring and summer. This is the perfect time for fashion brands to make a big splash in customer inboxes.

Fashion is the most obvious outward reflection of an individual’s style. It’s visual and personal, which is an incredible opportunity for email marketing.

But if you’re not in the fashion business, you can still learn what brands do and how they appeal to their audiences. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fashion brands that are winning the email marketing game, as well as key insights any brand can use in their email strategy. Let’s dive in.

1. ASOS knows how to create incentives

ASOS is fun, fresh, and quirky – and their emails reflect that through their brand. One of ASOS ‘most successful email strategies is the use of incentives. They offer you sales, birthday promotions, festive offers and much more. E-mail is their way of communicating offers earlier than anyone else and with more context.

Take a look at this email for example. Not only do they have a great deal of up to 70% off, but they’ve broken it down further into items under £ 15, £ 20, £ 25 and £ 30 – which gives subscribers an even more enticing incentive to click through.


Another smart move is mentioning popular brands that are included in the sale. Their best bait, however, is the ASOS VIP list. Not every subscriber will be added to their VIP email list, but when they do they will have first and early access to sales. This is a great way to reward active subscribers while encouraging others to be more engaged with their email.

2. Nordstrom provides customer service

Customers first is at the heart of Nordstrom’s overall marketing and sales plan. This also affects the email strategy.

What sets Nordstrom apart from the crowd is its use of routine customer service emails to connect with its buyers. Every bit of communication is an opportunity to reach subscribers, and Nordstrom does it skillfully without looking like an annoying salesman.

Your product recommendations are personalized and appropriate. Even if a customer returns an item, Nordstrom’s return confirmation email includes suggestions for similar products at similar prices. Genius!

Your abandoned cart email will not only contain the items the customer has already placed in the cart, but also others that they may be interested in. Good thinking, Nordstrom.

3. Net-A-Porter includes content marketing

Fashion opens up so many ways in which to use content in email marketing, and Net-A-Porter makes the most of this.

Many people who shop in the fashion store want to be aware of seasonal trends and celebrity styles. You strive to recreate runway trends and get inspiration from fashion magazines. Net-A-Porter identifies this segment as the primary audience and creates a brand experience that meets these expectations. In addition to regular offers, sales, and product launch emails, Net-A-Porter sends out a newsletter called The Edit (a tricky thing, but they did it) that looks like a fashion magazine. The hook? The reader becomes part of the world of editorial fashion through their inbox.

There are many luxury fashion brands in the ocean, but which one of them focused on a single insight and turned that into a complete, successful marketing strategy? The insight Net-A-Porter draws on is that people who shop for luxury fashion are inspired by runways – they want to be a part of the seemingly ethereal world of high fashion.

Of course, any type of marketing ultimately aims to increase sales so they subtly link their products to their editorials.

The result:


4. Zara leads in style

One of the most important realizations in fashion retail concerns personal style. People connect with people who have similar tastes – and expressions of style make people feel like they belong to a tribe or community of like-minded people.

Zara was excellent at consistently following a signature style. Minimalist layouts with bold fashion. This is a brand that relies heavily on email and social marketing rather than expensive billboards.

You can look at an email from a mile away and find out that it is Zara – that’s how strong her brand is. And if a fashion brand isn’t about style, what is it about?

These are some lovely emails, works of art in themselves. The clean layouts let your products burst. Tell us you are not impressed by their refined taste:

Email Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind

The tips above are great for incorporating into your own email strategies. However, there are some unwavering tactics that you should always think about.

  • The most effective emails are personalized and carefully segmented.
  • It’s not just about selling – it’s about building a tribe. Content marketing plays a huge role, and e-commerce isn’t the only focus of the email marketing strategies of the brands mentioned above.
  • These strategies work because they touch every point on the customer journey – from signing up to customer service and remarketing to inactive subscribers.

These brands have one thing in common, and they got it right: A good email strategy doesn’t start with business. It doesn’t even start with the customer. Brands with effective email campaigns are consistent, bold, and focused on creating a community of loyal customers and fans – and it starts with that one thing that sets their customers apart.

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