Google vows to regulate world advert expertise after settlement with French Competitors Authority


In addition to paying a $ 268 million fine, Google agreed to adjust its ad technology to provide more flexibility and visibility, and to improve the way its Ad Manager services work with competing ad servers and sales platforms. “We have made a number of commitments to make it easier for publishers to leverage data and use our tools with other ad technologies,” said Maria Gomri, Legal Director of Google France, in a press release today.

The Google platform has prevailed over the competition. The French competition authority (FCA) alleged that Google Ad Manager, the company’s publishing ad platform, gave AdX (where publishers sell ad space to advertisers in real time) exclusive data to improve their chances.

“Ad Manager provided AdX with strategic data such as bid prices won, while AdX also enjoyed privileged access to advertiser inquiries through Google’s ad services… AdX, in turn, exchanged data with Ad Manager more smoothly than with other advertising management platforms, added the watchdog. Such platforms are vital for publishers to manage and sell ad space, ”Mathieu Rosemain wrote for Reuters.

Google agrees to make auction data more accessible to competitors. The announcement encompasses two main initiatives: improved access to data and more flexibility for advertising partners.

“We will work to develop a solution that ensures that all buyers a publisher works with have equal access to data on the results of the Ad Manager auction,” said Gomri. In terms of flexibility, Google now allows its partners to “set custom pricing rules for ads in sensitive categories and implement product changes that improve interoperability between Ad Manager and third-party ad servers.”

In addition to increasing data access, Gomri said, “Google Ads Ad Manager publishers will not prevent them from negotiating certain terms or prices directly with other sell-side platforms (SSPs).”

Why we care. Google’s work with antitrust authorities is always a good thing when it comes to competition, but it also means potentially more opportunities for publishers who use ads to drive revenue and fund content.

“The practices introduced by Google to favor its own advertising technologies have had an impact on press groups whose business model is heavily dependent on advertising revenue,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

This decision and Google’s response make it easier for publishers to use Google’s ad technology tools and learn from the data.

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