Google simplifies YouTube advert creation for SMBs


As part of its International Small Business Week, Google is launching a simplified ad creation workflow for video ads on YouTube, the company announced on Monday. As part of the new workflow, now available worldwide on mobile devices and desktops, advertisers can start a campaign by adding a video, choosing the audiences they want to reach and setting a budget.

The new workflow for creating YouTube mobile ads (left) and campaign metrics (right).

Why we care

Previously, advertisers had to access the full functionality of Google Ads in order to launch a video campaign on YouTube, which could be an intimidating prospect for some SMBs. This new workflow makes it easier for advertisers to start their campaigns with a user interface that better suits their needs and level of experience.

More on the news

  • Along with the new ad creation workflow, Google is also introducing a simplified campaign metrics dashboard (see image above right).
  • Last year, YouTube launched its free Video Builder, an ad creation tool that enables businesses to animate static assets like logos, text, and images with music and transitions. This can also help SMBs on a tight budget get their video campaigns off the ground quickly.
  • As part of the first YouTube Small Biz Day on June 24th, the platform will also be offering panels and a workshop for SMEs. The panels include “Stories of Resilience” and “Secrets to Success on YouTube” as well as the workshop “Create YouTube Videos. That attracts new customers, ”begins at 9 a.m. PT. Interested parties can register for the workshop here.

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