Google Reveals Important New Google Images Adjustments


Google made it a lot easier to keep control of your Google Photos storage in time for the promised change in storage policy.

Google Photos adds a major new feature.


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In a new official blog post, Google explains what users can expect when the free, high-quality storage tier finally expires on June 1st. More importantly, the service introduces a new tool that will help you manage your storage usage more effectively.

The new storage management tool (the link does not work at the time of going to press) not only shows you how much storage space you still have, but also helps you to find and delete unwanted content in a way that was previously impossible.

Tapping the new Manage Storage button will bring up a selection of files you might want to delete, including blurry photos, screenshots, and large videos. Of course, you also have the option of buying more storage space instead.

You can meet your online storage quota with the new storage management tool from Google.

You can meet your online storage quota with the new storage management tool from Google.


The bottom line is that the tool only shows photos and videos that are within the storage limit of your Google Account, so you won’t be prompted to delete content uploaded under a previous free plan. You cannot do this manually as there is currently no other way to filter out these “free” photos and photos.

Google is also renaming its compressed “High Quality” mode to “Storage Saver”. This highlights the lower storage requirements compared to Original Quality mode, which saves your photos and videos at the full size in which they were taken.

Google claims that the change makes the save options “easier to understand” and the difference between original quality and high quality is not immediately obvious.

However, where “High Quality” sounds more than good enough to everyone, “Storage Saver” reads more like a low quality option that is primarily designed to save space when you’re nearing the end, and not a sensible attitude towards keeping your precious photo collection. This will surely make some users think twice before choosing Storage Saver, although this is a perfectly viable option for many.

The new tool has already been introduced. However, you might have to wait a while for it to show up in your own Google Photos app. If you’re nearing your storage limit, be sure to check it out before the free uploads end on June 1st.

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