Google Proclaims New Integration with GoDaddy Net Shops to Broaden eCommerce Alternatives


As part of its ongoing efforts to expand its e-commerce offering and meet the growing interest in online shopping, Google today announced a new partnership with GoDaddy that will enable GoDaddy online web store managers to: integrate your product entries on the Google interfaces at no additional cost.

According to Google:

“GoDaddy retailers can now be discovered with just a few clicks in search, shopping, image search and on YouTube. With this integration“GoDaddy merchants can upload their products to Google, create free listings and promotional campaigns, and review performance metrics – all without leaving the GoDaddy online store.”

As Google notes, the process enables GoDaddy ecommerce merchants to create paid Google Shopping listings which can then be viewed in various Google apps and tools:

“If you’re selling in the US, eligible free listings may appear in search results in Google Search, Google Images, the Google Shopping tab, Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Lens. If you have a Smart Shopping Run a campaign, your approved products can appear in Google search, on the Shopping tab, in Gmail, on YouTube and on the Google Display Network. “

GoDaddy users can create smart shopping campaigns in their GoDaddy dashboard that allow them to use Google’s automated matching tools to bring their product listings to people who search for similar items in the apps.

As mentioned earlier, this is the latest step in Google’s expanded ecommerce push, with the platform announcing a similar integration for Shopify merchants back in May. Google says that the size of its online product catalog has increased by 70% and the number of merchants on its platform has increased by 80% over the past year. This is due to the increased online shopping activity due to the pandemic, but Google has also removed all Google Shopping product listing fees last Aprilto help retailers shift focus amid the pandemic.

And since Google in any form is still the primary platform many turn to to begin their discovery process, this has proven to be very enticing bait for online merchants, which in turn will add to the shopping value of Google and to keep it in mind for such, even when other apps (like Facebook) try to expand their own e-commerce presence.

Google is also trying to facilitate more product recognition through image-based searches, while also allowing retailers to link their loyalty programs to Google-based purchases. Google is also working on adding new reminders to users of their previous shopping activities, with a new module in Google Chrome that highlights all of them. open shopping carts that users have left on the web.

Google shopping reminders

Combined, these prompts could be a powerful way to maximize sales for merchants connected to Google’s discovery system, which makes this new GoDaddy integration worth considering.

To link your GoDaddy listings, users need to link their product catalog through Google’s Merchant Center, which synchronizes their listings between the two interfaces. In this way you can create your Google campaigns and optimize your entries for the various Google interfaces.

You can read more about the update here.

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