Google exams article carousel for some creator data panels


Google has begun testing to display a carousel of articles under the knowledge panels for some author and journalist searches, Google announced today. This is a limited beta that for some English-speaking journalists will only work on a limited number of US mobile searches.

What it looks like. Here’s a GIF Google shared of this feature in action:

What is it. Google shows some of the most recent articles this author or journalist has published right in the person’s knowledge panel. Google said they are doing this to “help people learn more about an individual journalist or author by making their recent work more prominent”.

Expand soon. Google said this was a limited test for now, but the company “looks to expand the feature to more journalists, devices and languages ​​over time”. Google said it might not end up like this, the company said it will “test different ways to organize the content to make sure we optimize for the best experience.”

Publishers or corrections. If you run into any issues with this, Google says you can submit feedback by clicking the Feedback button in the lower right corner of the article carousel. Publishers or content creators who wish to do this for their journalists and writers “can help make their content more accessible and improve its display in Google search results by adding structured metadata, including the journalist’s name, to their article pages or authors, and bio pages for their journalists to describe their expertise, ”said Google.

Why we care. This is a new way for publishers to get more exposure and access to their stories and articles. When people are searching for your better known journalists, showing their latest articles on your website can drive more traffic to your website.

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