Getting Again to The Workplace: An Night with Dunder Mifflin’s Most interesting


“Real business is done on paper,” says Michael Scott. However, given that we help companies send more than 180 billion personalized emails each year, we disagree.

However, regardless of how you do business, the last year has been one of change. Who would have thought you’d weigh Wi-Fi priorities between your Zoom calls for work and school? Or that you’d forget what it feels like to wear pants all day?

We haven’t been at work in so long that many of us have forgotten our favorite parts of office culture. How will things like Casual Friday, colleague gossip, and coffee breaks change as a result of this “new normal”?

The future of work?

The truth is, nobody has all the answers. So we asked two of our favorite accountants to take over the reins Back to the office: an evening with Dunder Mifflin’s Finest. And while Chili’s wasn’t 100% busy yet, this virtual experience brought Kevin, Oscar, and hundreds of marketers together to discuss the future of office life.

If you weren’t there, you’ve missed an intimate, hour-long Q&A session with Brian Baumgartner and Oscar Nunez that covers topics like:

  • The art of prop comedy
  • What they both learned and did at home during the pandemic
  • Countless behind-the-scenes stories from the set of The office
  • Your predictions about the future of office culture

Fortunately, you have access to ours for the next month full record of this experience. Just click here, type ‘Dundies’ into the password prompt, sit back and enjoy!

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